Adult bedwetting hypnosis

Adult bedwetting hypnosis.

Fast and effective help for adults who wet the bed and adult bed wetting in Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Winchester and Chichester

Adults who wet the bed at night often have problems in the daytime as well. Possible causes of bed-wetting (enuresis, urinary incontinence) in adults may be physical or medical and should always be checked by a doctor.

Once any medical causes have been ruled out often the cause can be described as psychological. Stress and anxiety can cause bedwetting in adults, particularly if you were dry and then started to wet the bed as a teenager or adult. You cannot help wetting the bed and punishing yourself with feelings of guilt or being dirty can increase the problem. Adults with enuresis often have relationship difficulties.

At Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Eastleigh, Southampton James and Sue treat many adult bedwetters who need help to overcome their problem. Often they have suffered in silence for years, too embarrassed to tell anyone or to seek help. What is awful is that so many people have suffered with this problem.

If you have a problem with wetting the bed (enuresis) and the doctor has confirmed that the cause of your problem is psychological then give James and Sue a call on 0800 970 4776 today and arrange to come in for a free chat. Find out how easy it could be to resolve your problem and lead a normal life.
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