Guidelines for the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App

‘EasyLoss with Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre’

Now you can lose weight, get rid of your unwanted fat and maintain that weight and fat loss with Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre.

From now on you will change your relationship with food for good and you will lose weight, get rid of your unwanted fat and maintain it easily, in a gradual, sustainable way.

Guidelines for success:-

1.     Eat what you want NOT what you can.

You want to be a slim, fit, healthy person so you want to eat the foods that Slim, Fit, Healthy people eat.

Your body knows what it needs to stay healthy.  Listen to your body. Depriving yourself of certain foods only increases your desire for those food, you always want more of what you believe you can’t have. There are no forbidden foods, just some foods that are healthier for you than others.

2.     Eat whenever you are physically hungry, every time you are physically hungry but only when you are physically hungry.

Ignoring your body’s natural hunger can lead to overeating and fat storage later on.

3.     Eat SLOWLY.

Slow your eating speed down to a quarter of what it is now.  Put down your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and ensure your mouth is completely empty before you take another bite. When eating a sandwich or biscuit etc, put the food down between mouthfuls. After each mouthful ask yourself, ‘Am I still Hungry??’

4.     As soon as you even think you are no longer hungry STOP eating.

Your body will tell you when you have eaten sufficient. Always leave some food on your plate. When you are hungry again later you can eat some more but make sure you STOP eating as soon as you even think you are no longer hungry.

Be kind to yourself. When you look in the mirror see all your good points.

Visualise yourself as slim, fit and healthy. Imagine just how great you will feel.

If you over eat one time don’t beat yourself up about it, just accept that it happens occasionally and go back to following the guidelines at your very next meal.

Every time you think you feel hungry have a glass of water. The thirst signal and hunger signal are almost identical so always check that your body isn’t signalling thirst before eating.

Enjoy every mouthful of food that you eat, and enjoy your new, slimmer, fitter, healthier body.

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