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Welcome to the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre Ltd based in Whiteley Fareham, Hampshire.

We have 3 types of therapy available to help our clients, Pure Hypnoanalysis, Suggestion therapy and Challenging Limiting Beliefs. At you FREE initial consultation we will discuss your symptoms and together decide on the best therapy for you.


This type of therapy is probably the type of hypnotherapy that most people think of when they are thinking about hypnotherapy to help with their problems. This type of therapy is really effective in helping people to lose a bit of weight, stop smoking, pass driving tests or exams or manage pain relief.

During your session you will be totally relaxed but fully conscious and aware for the whole of your session. Once you are feeling completely relaxed you will be given carefully worded, positive suggestions to help overcome your unwanted habits or unwanted behaviour. The benefits are usually felt after one or two sessions but in some cases 3 or 4 may be needed.
Whilst extremely effective in the short term for changing unwanted habits and behaviours it may not be suitable for everyone.


We would recommend Pure Hypnoanalysis in most cases of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, fears, phobias and all other emotional and psychological problems.
Pure Hypnoanalysis is the most effective therapy in the world today for Completely Resolving the Cause of your unwanted symptoms for good!

Pure Hypnoanalysis (or analytical hypnotherapy as it is sometimes called) is a highly specialised form of hypnotherapy which is only practiced by therapists who have undergone a full training course and continuing professional development training with the International Association of pure Hypnoanalists. More in depth information on this amazing therapy can be found at www.iaph.org

We are both, fully qualified, advanced and accredited members of the IAPH and are committed to the ethical use of Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in order to provide every one of our clients with the very best therapy for them, tailored to their exact, individual needs. We have the experience and expertise to help you to resolve the emotional issues which are causing your symptoms. This quickly enables you to get on with living your life free from the symptoms that have had such a negative effect on you until now.


This amazing training programme was first developed by Rob Kelly following 20 years experience in treating clients with hundreds of different symptoms. As you progress through this unique programme you will discover how you can effectively manage your thinking and remove the symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, M.E., Post Viral Fatigue, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and many other symptoms and conditions that may be having a negative effect on your life, preventing you from living life to the full.

If you have something in your life that you really want to change or improve then this training programme will empower you to take back control of your life and achieve the health and happiness that you have been missing out on up until now.

Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, Sue Peckham and James Holmes, professional, confidential hypnosis, hypnoanalysis and hypnotherapy helping the people of Fareham, Portsmouth, Chichester, Winchester, Eastleigh, Southampton and Bournemouth.

Effective and fast therapy for the symptoms of ME, PVF, Depression, Phobias, Low self esteem, Fears, anxiety and related symptoms..

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