Hypnosis sleep problems

Hypnosis Sleep Problems.

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While the odd sleepless night won’t do any harm, not sleeping it could lead to fatigue, anxiety, problems carrying out daily tasks and a susceptibility to common ailments, like coughs and colds.

Sleeping too much

You may find that you often fall asleep during the day at times when you want to stay awake. The commonest reason is not getting enough sleep at night. However, you may find that you are still falling asleep in the daytime even after a week or two of getting enough sleep at night. There are other conditions which make people sleep too much: Narcolepsy (Daytime sleepiness) This is condition often not recognised by doctors.

There are two main symptoms:

  • you feel sleepy in the daytime, with sudden uncontrollable attacks of sleepiness even when you are with other people
  • you suddenly lose control of your muscles and collapse when you are angry, laughing or excited – this is called cataplexy.


If you sleepwalk, you will appear (to other people) to wake from a deep sleep. You will then get up and do things. These may be quite complicated, like walking around or going up and down stairs. This can land you in embarrassing (and occasionally dangerous) situations. Unless someone else wakes you up, you will remember nothing about it the next day. Sleepwalking may sometimes happen after a night terror.

Night terrors

can occur on their own, without leading to sleepwalking. Like a sleepwalker, a person with night terrors will appear to wake suddenly from a deep sleep. Night terrors are different from vivid dreams or nightmares as people don’t seem to remember anything about them the next morning.


Most of us have had frightening dreams or nightmares. Nightmares often follow a distressing or life-threatening event, such as a death, a disaster, an accident or a violent attack. Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Hypno-analysis are very effective in helping overcome the symptoms of insomnia and other sleep problems – so improving quality of life.

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Hello James, I thought I would give you an update as it’s about 6 weeks since I last saw you.

I went on holiday just after our last session, and my sleeping was very bad. But as I didn’t have to go to work I could cope with it. That went on for about 2 weeks. BUT for 1 month now, my sleeping has been the best I can remember in the last 20 years! I have had no days at all, where I have felt that I had too little sleep. A wonderful feeling indeed. I still wake up a lot, about 4 times per night but I go straight back to sleep and now get about 6.5 to 7 hours sleep every work night, which makes me feel great for the next day. I can not tell you the difference this has made to the way I feel. I am very happy.

Things are going well at work, which I know has helped re this, but I am absolutely certain that you helped me greatly too. So thank you, It was money very well spent, to come and see you, as far as I am concerned. But more so, you have really “opened up my mind”, re things like analytical hypnotherapy.

Kind Regards


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