Top ten hypnotherapist tips

Top Ten Tips When Considering Visiting a Hypnotherapist.


Over the years James and Sue have heard countless clients tell horror stories about therapists they have visited.
So in order to help clients make the right decision when choosing a therapist we have put together the following checklist:

  1. Does your therapist work from home or from an established professional office?
  2. Does your therapist have insurance? No insurance company in their right mind would insure someone who could possibly cost them money.
  3. Does your therapist practice twenty other therapies? If they all work why do they need so many and can they really be a specialist in ALL of them?
  4. Do you know anyone who has been treated by your therapist and would they recommend them?
  5. Does your therapist belong to a professional association? It is a good idea to check an organisation’s website to get a feel for how professional the organising body is. James and Sue are members of the IAPH, their governing body can be found at
  6. Can your therapist assure you of confidentiality? If a therapist works from a back room in a house can you be sure that you cannot be overheard?
  7. Is your therapist a full time practitioner, or just dabbling in a part time interest?
  8. How much previous experience of treating clients with similar symptoms to yours does your therapist have?
  9. Will your therapist design a programme specifically for your individual needs or goals or do they rely on giving out a ‘one size fits all’ programme?
  10. When you meet the therapist ask yourself ‘Do I feel comfortable with this person and do I feel confident that this person will be able to help me?’

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