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Help with Procrastination in Fareham, Southampton & Portsmouth

Find yourself looking at emails when you should be completing a report or assignment?

Living a busy life? Putting things off that you should be doing for less important tasks?

What is Procrastination?

We all put things off from time to time, with so many things these days to distract us it is no wonder however, procrastinating can lead to lots of problems not to mention frustration.

Procrastination is when we put off important jobs or tasks in favour of more pleasurable ones. For example, you may have a huge report to write for work but find yourself checking emails, listening to music or even cleaning out your drawers instead of focussing on the task at hand. We all lead busy lives and organising them can be tricky. Procrastination makes things worse as we end up putting off the important things and getting those things done that weren’t essential.

Our minds are programmed to always move away from pain and towards pleasure. If we think a job is too big or difficult then instead of tackling it, we may find smaller jobs to take up our time instead.

Who is prone to Procrastinate and what effect does this have?

This has probably affected us all at some point in our lives. However, prolonged behaviour of procrastinating can lead to us not getting those things in life that we really want. Whether it be a promotion, a new job or even the house we have always dreamed of, procrastination can get in our way and stop us.

When we procrastinate we hold ourselves back from displaying our full potential. This has many effects such as anxiety and frustration. It may also affect those around us, our colleagues and those closest to us may also become frustrated with our behaviour.

What are the reasons behind Procrastination?

Some of the main reasons why this happens are as follows:

  • Fear of failure- you may be worried that you will fail at the task and therefore do not want to attempt it in the first place. You may have low self-esteem and self-belief and therefore not believe in your ability to complete the job.
  • Fear of success – this at first sounds a little strange but you could fear the success of completing the task and what pressures this may bring. So for example, if you complete that report and do a fantastic job are you likely to get more responsibility and more work to do? You may be scared that you won’t be able to cope with the added pressure and so put off the original task.
  • Fear of the unknown- would completing the task lead you in to a state of uncertainty? Not knowing what may be around the corner. It may feel safer to stay were you are and not complete the task, this way you know what to expect and there is no uncertainty.

There could be other reasons why you may be putting things off but whatever the reason, here at The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, Portsmouth we don’t want you to be held back any longer.  We want to help you to reach your goals and not be stuck in patterns of behaviour that restrict you.

Hypnotherapy is a safe effective way to help you get rid of this behaviour of procrastinating.  Firstly, the process is very relaxing and will help you to feel more relaxed and calm.  Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of old limiting fears and boost your confidence so that you feel that you are fully competent and capable to complete those things in your life that you need to get done.

Here at The Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre, we pride ourselves in helping you to reach your goals, boosting your confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself.  We also can help you to help and support yourself so that you can face and tackle any issue that comes your way.

Hypnosis can also provide you with the motivation and determination to succeed and complete tasks that would have otherwise been left un-started or uncompleted.

Within the wonderful state of hypnosis, you have a focused state of attention where you can really get to the bottom of why you procrastinate, it provides you with an opportunity to take some time out of your busy life to re-focus and get back in touch with those things that are important to you as an individual.

So leave his old behaviour in the past and give us a call today.

Don’t delay, reach your full potential today!

At Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre we really do understand and we’re here to help you. The first step is to admit that your Procrastination is causing you problems in your life and then just pick up the phone and call us on 0800 970 4776 or 07946 641270 and have a quick chat with one of our friendly team of professional hypnotherapists. You can then book an appointment to pop in for a free initial consultation and we can explain the therapy to you and you can ask any questions you may have.

We’re open from 9am until 8.30 pm every weekday and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. We can even arrange Sunday appointments if that suits you better. You don’t have to suffer the problems you have with your Procrastination. Let us help you to gain control of your Procrastination and live your life in a much calmer, more relaxed way.

For help with controlling Procrastination call us today. We’re really easy to find in Whiteley, Fareham and not far from Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester with easy access from the M27. Alternatively we have our Twickenham practice with easy access from the M3.

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