School phobia hypnosis

School Phobia Hypnosis.

Discover the new breakthrough therapy for children suffering from anxiety – The James Holmes Childhood Anxiety Technique

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Discover the new breakthrough therapy for children suffering from anxiety!

If your child is having difficulties at home, at school or displaying behaviour that is ‘challenging’, then here is the answer you have been looking for!

School Phobia affects one in every twenty children in the UK at some time during their school years. If your child will not go to go to school, the effect on the family overall can be devastating. It causes worry and concern for your child’s safety and well-being as well as their education.

Your child may be a victim of bullying which is lowering their self-esteem and causing them to become withdrawn or aggressive at home. It is not always easy for your child to talk about what is causing their anxiety and this can make their symptoms worse, often causing you increased anxiety because you do not know how to ‘make it better’.

As a parent, it is difficult to watch your child ‘hurting’ and feel so helpless. You may well have tried every available source of help out there, teachers, your GP, counselling but nothing has changed.

James and Sue of the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Eastleigh, Southampton, specialise in helping children address issues such as low self-esteem, anger-management, exam anxiety, bullying and bed-wetting. The children have shown a massive improvement in concentration, confidence and feeling positive. They enjoy better relationships with parents, teachers and peers as result.

The James Holmes Method is the result of many years of working with children to help them overcome childhood anxiety. Hundreds of children have resolved their emotional problems by using this powerful yet simple method.

If you find it difficult to visit our centre for a personal consultation because you live too far away or due to financial constraints, or you worry about seeking help from a professional therapist in person we have made this amazing therapy available for the first time online.

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Listening to the download will enable your child to become free from childhood anxiety, and become happier and more contented.

If you prefer you can call 0800 970 4776 to make an appointment for your child to be seen by James or Sue in their centre in Eastleigh, Southampton

My daughter came to see James as a last resort to solve a life long bed wetting problem. It was a hang over from an infant critical illness, and in the scheme of things could be described as trivial. Afterall she had overcome so many huge legacies of her illness this seemed insignificant. But not to her, it marked her out from her friends and was ruining her self-esteem. We had tried so many other techniques, all with no success. James has transformed her life; she has seen enomous improvement. She relishes her sessions, leaving with her head held high and an enthusiasam for life which is infectious!

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