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Solent Life interview James Holmes & Sue Peckham of the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre Ltd – Fareham, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and Chichester

I understand that together you have created a powerful new programme for helping people overcome, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and social anxiety.

That’s right; we call it the PREP programme (positive rehearsal & expectancy programme). Over a six-week period, we help people reprogramme their minds for success by helping them change their limiting beliefs and their internal self-image. We help our clients set powerful new goals. They are so engineered for success that the world becomes an exciting place full of opportunities, hopes, abundance and creativity. We love seeing the transformations in the people we meet. Some clients have gone on to win major sporting events and others have started in business and are achieving amazing results. We’ve also helped people change their relationships by improving their self-esteem and self-image. This type of transformation is so rewarding.

Who else could benefit from such a programme?

We’re beginning to take this programme into schools and colleges to enable staff to help change the self-image of all the pupils they teach. We also have companies using our program to excel in sales despite the current economic climate; we’re putting this program into book form, which we hope to publish early next year.

Sue, I understand that you specialise in helping people lose weight, what is different about hypnosis for weight loss and do you advocate diets?

I’m sure it helps our clients to know that I have really do know exactly how they feel. I spent several years struggling with my own weight issues, so I’m living proof that our Weight Loss hypnotherapy programmes really works! Our weight loss programmes use hypnosis to make it really easy for our clients to lose weight without any need for diets, pills or sachets. After years of struggling with every diet under the sun our clients are overjoyed with the weight loss they achieve by eating whatever they want. Most clients only need five or six sessions to get them started on the path to successful, permanent weight loss.

James I see on your website that you’re passionate about helping people to become NON-SMOKERS, where does that passion come from.

You’re absolutely right, for me it is a passion. I lost my grandmother to smoking, and she taught me a lot about the psychology of smoking. Smokers have a fifty fifty chance of being killed by smoking or smoking related illness so for me every time I help someone become a non-smoker it’s like potentially saving a life. Clients who come to see me stop smoking find it remarkably easy, and many say they can’t believe they didn’t try hypnosis before!I

…understand you’ve helped many people become non-smokers even when you’re not ‘at work’.

That’s right, over the years I helped countless people quit smoking when I’ve been out and about so to speak, people I’ve met on courses, people I’ve met doing talks, even people I’ve met when I’ve been on holiday. Becoming a non-smoker is all about changing your belief system. For example, if you believe you’re addicted to nicotine it would be really hard to stop wouldn’t it. Therefore, I prove to people that smoking isn’t about the nicotine. I always ask these people to donate something to a good cause as I obviously don’t charge them.

Sue, what are the most common phobias you have treated over the years?

Gosh, James and I have treated so many it’s hard to recall them all. Certainly among the most common phobias we treat are Emetophobia (fear of being sick) and social phobia, also known as social anxiety. The people we help to overcome phobias are amazed how quickly they get rid of their symptoms with the help of hypnoanalysis. A phobia, which has caused them problems for years, can be resolved in as little as eight to ten sessions in most cases.

What is one of the biggest misunderstandings you face in your practice?

People quite often have an expectation that when they see us we’re going to hypnotise them and sort out their particular problem, which of course can often be that case. However, we’ve come to realise over the years that many of the people we treat are already in a form of hypnosis when they come to see us, and it’s our job to ‘snap them out of it’ so to speak. We look at this type of symptom as a form of cultural hypnosis. We’ve become so indoctrinated in our society, by advertisers, the media, families, religion and life in general that sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

In what areas do you believe hypnotherapy can be most beneficial?

There are so many areas where hypnotherapy can help. We see many people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is helpful wherever a client has a behaviour they want to change such as gambling, alcohol and drug mis-use and spending addiction. A comprehensive list of the symptoms we can help with can be found on our website

James I understand both you and Sue work with children a great deal?

That’s right, both Sue and I have a background in education so naturally we enjoy helping kids. Earlier this year we became frustrated that children from further afield weren’t able to benefit our technique so we set up a website with a downloadable version of our technique on We’ve had a great response to the site already and people have downloaded the audio from different parts of the UK as well as abroad.

What would you say to someone who was considering hypnotherapy with you?

We ask everyone considering hypnotherapy to come along for a free initial consultation. There is no charge, it gives us an opportunity to explain the therapy, and for our clients to meet us, ask any questions, and allay any fears they may have. You can arrange your free initial consultation today by calling 0800 970 4776 or by e-mailing us at

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