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Very easy, it really is! Over the years, I have seen quite literally hundreds of smokers become non-smokers in just one, two hour, session! These are people just like you.

They share your fears and worries about quitting cigarettes, but when they had made that decision to pick up the phone and call me…have found it incredibly easy. With the help from my stop smoking hypnosis sessions, becoming a successful non-smoker forever will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Stop Smoking

I am asked this question quite a lot when I meet people and it’s a great question. Let’s look at the facts. Despite the plentiful research into the effectiveness of hypnosis as a means to quit smoking, individuals, such as me, just don’t have the same level of resources and time that the pharmaceuticals have to promote ourselves. Over 90% on my clients are referrals from people I have already helped. Companies such as Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble who manufacture the lion’s share of the NRT (nicotine replacement therapies) have at their disposal an inordinate amount of money to promote their products (Pfizer estimate that their profits for 2009 will be in the region of $46 billion!) In fact, a recent study showed the failure rate for nicotine replacement products helping smokers quit for 1 year or longer was 98.4%.

Only 1.6% of all smokers who used stop smoking products were actually successful after one (1) year! Despite such low success rates, these products still produce healthy profits for these companies.

Since coming to see you to give up smoking I can honestly say I haven’t touched or wanted to touch a single cigarette. I will be recommending Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre to everyone. I just can’t believe how easy it was to become a non-smoker. I’d save the money the session cost in under a month.

Client Testimonial


Occasionally when I meet someone who asks what do I they’ll tell me something like this. “My friend had hypnosis to stop smoking and it didn’t work”

My reply to this question is invariably this, “Who did they see…I bet it wasn’t me? Did that therapist spend an hour before the session explaining the psychology of smoking or did that therapist just do the hypnosis part of the session? Did the therapist work from home or from an established centre? Out of ten, how much did your friend want to stop smoking? Maybe they we’re just looking for someone to blame so they could say they have tried everything?”


Hypnosis has a long history, longer than is usually realised. There are accounts of hypnosis mentioned in the bible, the Talmud and the Hindu Vedas from 1500 BC. Hypnosis has been used professionally to help people stop smoking since the late 1800’s. Such notables as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and a host of current Hollywood stars such as Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck, Britney Spears and Drew Barrymore have all used hypnotherapy to stop smoking, lose weight or to address other conditions.

The American medical and psychological community has utilized hypnosis for decades for painless surgery, dentistry, childbirth and to effect positive behavioural changes. In fact, studies have shown that hypnosis is particularly effective in modifying certain habitual behaviours such as smoking, overeating and poor public speaking.

In 1993, the results of the largest, worldwide, study ever recorded to evaluate stop smoking methods were published in the New Scientist magazine. The study included thousands of people in Europe, America and Asia and revealed that hypnosis was far more effective than any other method in helping people to quit smoking. The reason hypnosis is so effective in changing the smoking habit lies in the way it utilizes the very nature of the human mind.


The reason people just like you remain smokers and find it difficult to quit is because of a belief system. It’s a belief system that’s very well formed. I like to think of that belief system as being like a brick wall. It’s a brick wall with each brick being a particular belief such as ‘it’s a habit’, and ‘Uncle Frank smoked 40 cigarettes a day and lived till he was 100’, and ‘It helps me concentrate’ and most incredibly ‘it relaxes me’… even though we all recognise that cigarettes are a stimulant. The cement in this brick wall is the need to smoke. In just one session with me, together we knock those brick’s down one by one, re-build a totally new belief system and make it incredibly easy for you to become a non-smoker.


I love it when a smoker comes to me and says this because I know that becoming a non-smoker will be easy for this person. Why? Well, quite simply, if you believed that you we’re addicted to something you would find it hard to stop. Who wouldn’t? However, that belief is just a marketing deception put in place to make it hard for people just like you to quit smoking.

Let me explain…I’m sure like most smokers, you know people who only smoke socially, or perhaps just at the weekend. You may know smokers who don’t smoke in the evening because their partners don’t know they smoke (I’ve helped hundreds of these smokers personally), and smokers who don’t smoke at work in the day because they don’t want their employers to know they smoke. You may know smokers who only smoke on holiday or don’t smoke when they are on holiday, but in my opinion, that doesn’t make sense. If nicotine is meant to be one of the most addictive substances on the planet then how can it be that some people only smoke at the weekend? I’ve certainly never heard of a heroin addict who is only a heroin addict at the weekend! Now you’re starting to see what I mean about the deception and lies that surround smoking and cigarettes and believe me, this is just the beginning…


I call this change in belief system the ‘Pregnant Lady Principle’. Let me explain. In my practice, I never meet pregnant women who want to stop smoking, why? Well quite simply they do it on their own…IT’S WORTH IT FOR THEM. That’s what it feels like to become a non-smoker with me. We are replacing that old habit of smoking with a wonderful feeling of pride and pleasure. Put simply…it’s worth it!

By using our stop smoking hypnosis programme becoming a successful non-smoker has never been easier, so why don’t you make that decision to pick up the phone today? I promise you, you won’t regret your decision. In fact judging from previous client’s kind comments, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make! After all, as a non-smoker you will potentially increased your life chances by 50% and those are good odds!


Well we could do it in two, three, four or even five sessions but why would you want to spend all that extra time and money when you could do it in one. After all pregnant women who stop smoking do it instantly…they don’t need the doctor to tell them to stop more than once!


Step 1. Decide you’re Going To Give Up Smoking. By reading this website you’ve already decided you want to quit smoking and become a non smoker.

Step 2. Book Your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Appointment Now – Appointments are usually booked well in advance, although we can usually book you an appointment for the following week. Book a convenient day and time either on line or by calling 0800 – 9704776.

Step 3. Attend Our Central Clinic in Fareham near Southampton. You will have a enjoy a private, relaxing, one to one stop smoking session lasting approximately an hour and a half to two hours with James and leave a happy and healthy non smoker!


Hypnotherapy remains the most effective way of stopping smoking. Countless independent research studies continue to prove this fact year after year. A 2005 study of 72,000 smokers from Europe and the US, reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology, showed that hypnosis came top as the most effective therapy in helping people to give up smoking.

James Holmes is one the the UK’s foremost Smoking Cessation Specialists with a success rate that’s second to none. James has specialised in helping many thousands of clients to stop smoking with highly successful results since establishing in private practice in 2004.

James’s unique program works irrespective of how many cigarettes you smoke or for how long you have smoked. The session is an individually tailored 1 to 1 session.
After the stop smoking programme you will enjoy:

After the hypnosis stop smoking programme you will enjoy:
  • No Cravings
  • No Withdrawal Symptoms
  • No Weight Gain
  • No Interest in Smoking
  • No Fear of Failure
  • Improved Health
  • More Energy
  • More Freedom
  • More Money
  • And perhaps most importantly FEEL GOOD about yourself…..

So if you live in either, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Chichester, Fareham or Twickenham and have finally decided to quit the dreaded weed, to finally throw away the patches (they don’t work!), are you ready to ‘become a non-smoker now?’ … If you are, book your hypnosis for stop smoking session today by calling FREE on 0800- 9704776.

I look forward to helping you quit your habit, bin the fags, lose the tar … butt out of smoking forever!

So, until I see you …

James Holmes MIAPH (Acc) D.Hyp (Adv) B. Ed
Professional Hypnotherapist, Broadcaster & Author


PS Remember, the best time to to stop smoking is now! Think of all the benefits you’ll have as a non-smoker and the costs you can finally let go of. To book your session, for an investment of only £275, telephone me now on 0800- 9704776.

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