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Quitting Smoking Top Tips in Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth & Winchester

Stop Smoking – Top quitting Tips:

No 1. STOP! Get motivated

Really think about your reasons for wanting to stop smoking. Ask yourself: what is your life going to be like when you stop smoking? Do you want to be healthier and free from worry about smoking related illnesses? Do you want to look and feel younger? Do you want to protect your loved ones from passive smoking? Do you want to save money? Find your strongest and most compelling reason for becoming a non-smoker. This reason will help you to visualise a life that is free from cigarettes and get you motivated.

No 2. STOP! Get it down

Write a list of your reasons for becoming a non-smoker. To remind you, put prompts up around your house, in your car or at your work place, or even as background pictures on your phone or computer. Positive reinforcements will really help to keep you motivated.

No 3. STOP! Get visualising

Once motivated, it is your imagination and ability to visualise that will help see you through. Think of how your life will be as a non-smoker. Picture each scenario within your day that will be better because you’re a non-smoker. Imagine the feeling of being calm and in control. Maybe you’ll visualise waking up in the morning with a fresh smelling house and clothes; looking in the mirror at your brighter, fresh-looking skin and whiter teeth; coming home and reaching for your trainers; feeling confident around friends because you’re in control of your wonderful life.

No 4. STOP! Get pledging

Share your determination with others. Use the ‘Pledge’ feature of this app to tell as many people as possible that you are becoming a non-smoker. Friends, family and work colleagues will all support you in quitting and you will welcome their encouragement. You are going to feel great about becoming a non-smoker so take time to hear their positive reinforcement, and process your terrific achievement each time you say ‘no’ to a cigarette.

No 5. STOP! Get rid of temptation

All smokers have a routine to their smoking. For these first two weeks you need to change your routine. Identify your routine and plan how you are going to make some small changes. If you usually have a cigarette in the morning before leaving for work, set the alarm a little later so you can leave for work straight after breakfast. If you usually have a cigarette in the car, take a travel mug of coffee or tea to sip instead. Alcohol is one of the most common associations, so plan to drink less for the first few weeks. If you normally smoke after meal, do something else instead that will distract you for the 5 minutes you would be thinking about it.

No 6. STOP! Get cleaned up

Have a spring clean whatever the season! Firstly, get rid of your ashtrays and lighters. Then wash all your clothes, including dropping any coats you have off at the dry-cleaners. Make your home a fresh and beautiful place to be: clean your carpets, bedding, curtains and furniture. Treat yourself to a high quality, fresh smelling air diffuser or candle. Freshen up those walls with a lick of paint if they need it. Once you’re finished, you won’t want your home smelling of cigarettes ever again.

No 7. STOP! Get moving

You will find yourself naturally more active as a non-smoker. You will find that you have more energy and time to get more done in a day. You will soon find that you have time to fit in a brisk walk or a touch of gardening. Physical activity, no matter how small, will make you feel fantastic and more motivated to achieve other things in your life. You’ll feel more confident and more inspired to live a healthier life without cigarettes, ensuring you will not put on any extra weight.

No 8. STOP! Reward Yourself

The reward you get from saving the money you would spend on cigarettes is instant. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, by the end of week one you’ll have around £50/$80 to spend on a treat for yourself, or even pay for a month’s gym membership. By the end of the month, you can even pay for a weekend away or a whole new outfit. By the end of the year, that’s nearly £2,500/$4,000 saved!  Whatever your daily habit was, you can treat yourself so do it; you deserve it!

No 9. STOP! Get healthy

Your body will begin to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking – and you’ll go on feeling the health benefits for the rest of your life. According to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world, with 39,000 new cases diagnosed each year; smokers having a particularly high risk of developing the disease, and most lung cancers are related to smoking. There are also many other health risks related to smoking but already, you are lowering those risks. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation states that after just 8 hours of not smoking, your risk of a heart attack starts to fall; after 3 days, you can breathe more easily; and after 3 months, your lung function has increased by up to 10%. Long-term benefits include reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other cancers. You’ve already improved the whole health of your body, why go back now?

No 10. STOP! Get going

Choose the date and time when you are going to completely stop smoking. Use the Smoking diary in this app to cut down ready for your quit day. So plan your last cigarette and begin your new, healthier life straight away. Read through these top tips again and stay motivated!

No 11. STOP! Get support

Your family and friends are going to be your greatest support so let them know that; even better, get any smokers you know to join you and start a healthier lifestyle together. Don’t avoid certain social situations, such as the groups who goes outside together to smoke, just explain to them that you are now a non-smoker; good friends will understand.

No 12. STOP! Get your diet changed

As you are more active and living more healthily as a non-smoker, look at what you’re eating. You will start to feel that you want to make healthier choices, so reach for an extra portion of vegetables with your meal or snack on some crudités; this in turn will motivate you in choosing to live a healthier lifestyle, and increase your confidence as you are taking greater control of your life. Feeling full after a meal can trigger the urge for a cigarette, so be careful with your portion size during these two weeks.

No 13. STOP! Get drinking

Drinking more water has many benefits, but also consider drinks that have associations with smoking a cigarette. Swap a glass of wine or pint of beer for a spirit and tonic, or a can of cola for a glass of refreshing mineral water, or coffee for a herbal tea. This will also help change the taste in your mouth, helping to diffuse any associations.

No 14. STOP! Get sociable

Spend more time with your non-smoking friends, and even make new ones as you take up more sociable activities. As well as the physical benefits to your sex life, quitting makes you three times more appealing to a prospective partner, according to the Roy Castle Lung Foundation. So get sociable the healthy way!

No 15. STOP! Get positive

Billions of people around the world live without smoking so you can too. You have the power within yourself to do this so think positively and be good to yourself.

No 16. STOP! Get talking

Change your attitude through the language you choose to use. Be positive and realistic with your choices: instead of ‘I really want one’, say to yourself ‘I’m thinking about having one but that doesn’t mean I’m going to; it will pass’; instead of  ‘I’ve given up for a week now’ say to yourself ‘I’m a week into living a healthier lifestyle and I feel great for it’.

No 17. STOP! Get boosting your self-esteem

Every time you refuse a cigarette you are boosting your self-esteem. You are taking control of your life by making choices that are great for YOU, and you deserve it. Each day, take time to reflect on the benefits and your achievements in all areas of your life, and feel good about it.

No 18. STOP! Get relaxed

Often people think they’re stressed and therefore need to smoke, when in fact the opposite is true. Being a non-smoker will mean you sleep better and also manage difficult situations in a calmer manner due to a healthier circulatory system. Take time to enjoy feeling relaxed. Use the time to reflect on the positive things you have created in your life.



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