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MEET OUR TEAM – James Holmes, Sue Peckham, Donna Street, Joanna Avery, Marise Thomas, Ivan Rose, Anita Venn & Laura Walters, helping to change lives in Fareham and Southampton.

James Holmes

MIAEBP (Acc) D.Hyp (Adv) B. Ed LTCL


Hello and welcome.

My name is James Holmes and along with my business partner Sue Peckham I am a full time professional Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst.

I am the co-creator of the world renowned range of ’12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of hypnotherapy apps. Downloads of our range of best-selling apps is now fast approaching 1 million. We also offer help and support through one to one sessions at our practice in Hampshire as well as online support through our popular groups on social media.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst in 2003 after leaving a career in teaching, during which time I received an award from Her Majesty the Queen for services to education. Since opening the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre with my business partner, Sue Peckham, we have helped more than 500,000 people to overcome anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions and stress as well as to lose weight and stop smoking with our life-changing programmes and apps including our ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!’, ‘Stop Smoking in Two Weeks with Hypnosis’ and ‘Chill Pill’ apps.

I believe that overcoming a debilitating illness myself using mindfulness and hypnosis makes me uniquely qualified to help and guide others to do the same using the power of their own minds.

I am proud of my reputation as one of the UKs top Stop Smoking experts as well as for being the co-creator of the massively successful ’12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of weight loss apps and programmes. Our ’12 Weeks to Wow’ apps provide a low cost yet extremely high-value solution to losing weight without dieting and we have achieved #1 position in several app charts.
I design all of our apps myself. I am also responsible for all the editing and post-production work on all the audio in our apps. Another unique feature of our apps is that, having composed the music for several internationally performed musicals and achieved 2 #1s on iTunes charts, my compositions are featured in all of our apps. I am also responsible for the recording and post production of all of our ‘Sue and James 12 Weeks to Wow podcast shows.

Our weight loss programmes have been featured on the popular Channel 4 show, ‘How to Lose Weight Well’. Many of our successful weight loss clients and app users have been featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on several local radio stations.

Feel free to contact me by either calling 0800 970 4776 or emailing me at info@jamesholmes.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sue Peckham

MIAEBP (Acc) D.Hyp (Adv)


Hi, I’m Sue Peckham and along with my business partner, James Holmes I am a director of Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre.

I love my work as a full-time professional hypnotherapist and hypnoanalist and I have never looked back since qualifying as hypnotherapist with the HCB in 2004. Since then I have continued to study and keep up to date with developments in the world of hypnotherapy and particularly hypnoanalysis. I have achieved advanced and accredited status within the IAPH and have an up-to-date CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate.

I am able to help my clients to permanently resolve the underlying cause of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and many other emotional difficulties with Pure Hypnoanalysis which is only practiced by members of the IAPH.

Following years of being overweight and unsuccessful dieting, along with James, I developed the unique weight loss programme in 2004, lost 3 1/2 stone, and have subsequently helped 100’s of my clients to successfully lose thousands of lbs in weight and keep that weight off permanently. I am passionate about ensuring my clients get the results they want in the shortest time possible.

In the last 2 years James and I have also added our specialist ‘Virtual Gastric Band Surgery’ to the list of therapies available to help our clients with obesity problems.

I also specialise in the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa and obesity in both adults and children.

I have an extremely high success rate in helping clients who have sought my help for the symptoms of ME, CFS and PVS and strongly believe that the right help can result in a permanent resolution of these conditions.

I am able to offer my clients a choice of suggestion therapy or hypnoanalysis or Challenging Limiting Beliefs Training so can ensure that every client I treat gets the very best therapy for their symptoms in a caring, professional and non-judgemental environment.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by phone on 0800 970 4776 or by e-mail at info@hantshypno.co.uk or info@suepeckham.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you!


Jo Avery



My name is Jo and I’m a qualified and professional hypnotherapist specialising in hypnoanalysis and suggestion therapy. After developing a keen interest in psychology, hypnosis and hypnotherapy I studied for the Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma with the IAPH (International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysis). Since qualifying, I have become a practising member of the IAPH. I am pleased to be one of the successful team here at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whiteley, Fareham.

I have a special interest in fears and phobias and am passionate about helping my clients to understand how they are created and maintained as well as eradicate them for good. I am proud to be able to offer fantastic and highly effective weight loss programmes here at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre. Maintaining a healthy weight is a growing concern in the uk and my extensive training in belief systems, self-esteem and successful long term weight loss fills me with confidence when joining that weight loss journey with my client.

I believe strongly in ongoing training and personal development so regularly attend advanced seminars in pure hypnoanalysis, hypnosis, personality types and their associated thinking styles as well as holding an up to date CRB check. I am able to offer my clients suggestion therapy to assist with stopping something they don’t want to be doing or starting something they do want to do. Pure hypnoanalysis is exclusively offered by IAPH members and is the most effective treatment for removing the root cause of any symptom forever. Our unique training programme is based in more than 20 years of working with individuals in a therapeutic setting and gives you the power to make the changes in your life that you really want to make.

I am privileged to have the skills and the opportunity to work with so many people wanting to make improvements and changes to their life. I receive a tremendous amount of satisfaction from seeing individuals overcome difficulties they thought they were stuck with for life and becoming the person they were meant to be inside and out.

I am happy to be able to offer a free initial consultation to all clients considering hypnotherapy or training so please call me at any time on 0800 970 4776 or e-mail me at info@hantshypno.co.uk. Come into meet me at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whitely, Fareham for a free chat. You can tell me exactly what you would like to change and I’ll explain how I can help you and answer all your questions.

Marise Thomas



My name is Marise Thomas and I am a fully qualified professional Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. I have been training in what I consider to be the best training association which allows me to give the best possible advice and assistance to many of my clients, helping them resolve a wide range of phobias and anxieties that have been with them for years. Before qualifying, as part of my training, I also underwent my own personal therapy, so I have a great insight into the therapy itself and how it feels to resolve my own issues. I have also successfully stopped smoking through hypnosis.

My background is HR Management. During my time in this career I was responsible for a large contingent of staff providing coaching, counselling, career advice and management. The role gave me first-hand experience of people’s issues and problems. Therefore, it was no surprise that I was drawn to this profession as I have always had a keen interest in psychology. I am now fortunate enough to be a full-time therapist working with my clients to resolve their issues and symptoms and change their lives for the better. I have successfully helped my clients to overcome their personal difficulties, find hope and work towards their goals so that they can live a more fulfilled life.

I am also qualified as a trauma therapist helping clients overcome past traumas that continue to have damaging and harmful effects on their lives. The theory of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is based on the concept that holding onto past traumas continues to have an emotional power over us because we have not dealt with them. Allowing the client to resolve past traumas in a safe and secure environment will enable the client to view the trauma as a past memory.

Since joining Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whiteley, Hampshire I have gone on to train with James and Sue in their unique weight loss and Virtual Gastric Band programmes. It has been wonderful to help so many people to lose weight and take back their relationship with food.

I believe that it is down to us as individuals to decide to make changes in our lives and, at that moment anything is possible. Working with my clients is both a privilege and a humbling experience and I guarantee you my personal attention and total confidentiality.

I also qualified as a Thrive Consultant. This is a very unique and empowering training programme which allows you to make positive changes to your life in a matter of weeks.

If you would like to contact me for a no obligation chat please call me at any time on 0800 970 4776 or e-mail me at info@hantshypno.co.uk.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna Street

Qualified Person Centred Counsellor (Dip)


Hello, my name is Donna. I am a Qualified Person Centred Counsellor, (Dip) which I obtained in 2010. I am also qualified to work with Couples around relationship issues, and a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

I am pleased to say that I am now a member of a great team at The Fareham Counselling Centre, based in Whiteley, Hampshire. I am able to offer bespoke, effective counselling on a 1-1 basis, to individuals who are at a point in their lives where they recognise a need for change.

I also offer Counselling for Couples who would like some support in managing their relationship and in gaining a better understanding of each other and themselves. Often we lose ourselves in a relationship and feel that we are not being heard. I can offer both of you a safe space where each partner gets to discuss their thoughts and feelings as well as get to hear how their partner views each situation.

Deciding to enter into a counselling relationship can be a challenging step to take.  It’s brave to recognise when you need help and support. We all need support at some point in our lives.

I am an empathic person who will listen to your issues without judgment but with understanding. So, whether you have one issue or many, we can work through them together. Whether it’s short-term counselling or long term, I will be there with you on your journey to discovering what it is that is holding you back. I will support you fully as you make changes to get your life back on track to feeling happy and fulfilled.

I have 12 years’ experience in working with individuals who are in addiction.  People with addiction often have other issues that have been the cause of the addiction or have arisen as a result.  The role gave me first-hand experience of a huge number of people’s issues and problems and how to assist them in overcoming these.

I have also worked with people with Mental Health issues, low self-esteem, low confidence, anxiety and depression, loss, anger, fear, co-dependence and jealousy. Quite often the reason for these feelings lies deep within us. I will support you whilst you discover the reasons for these feelings and help you to reconcile with yourself for a better way forward in the future.

Please call me on 0800 970 4776 today and take that first step to feeling happier and more in control of your life.  I am looking forward to meeting you!

Ivan Rose

Hyp.Dip TFT.Alg GQHP


Ivan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register UK (GHR), having trained and qualified with the EAIH in Norfolk. He is also certified in (NLP) Neuro-linguistic programming & (TFT) Thought field therapy & Havening therapy, as well as a former Samaritan’s counsellor. 

Developing self-confidence and inner peace is a must for a happy life and so my dedication is to guide and help others develop positive change. My hypnotherapy/life coaching sessions will help you to remove unwanted, negative & problematic learnings/behaviours and then replace them with new empowering positive learnings so that you can live the life that you desire.  I look forward to meeting you and to helping you to improve your feelings of well-being and mental wellness.


Anita Venn

dip.HSOS – Clinical Hypnotherapist


Hello I’m Anita and I am qualified clinical hypnotherapist (dip. HSOH). I am able to offer a range of hypnotherapy services to clients at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whiteley, Fareham, Hants. I am pleased to have been able to help many clients through this truly effective therapy and I have a special interest in the areas of confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, relaxation and low mood issues.

To ensure that I am fully aware of how therapy can help my clients I underwent personal hypnotherapy during my training and I am therefore able to view treatment from both sides. The outcomes for me were life changing and they will be for you too.

You can be assured of a warm and open treatment programme specifically created for your own particular symptoms with an emphasis on confidentiality and trust.

I am looking forward to helping you to overcome the symptoms that may be holding you back from living your life to the full and offer a free initial consultation so that you can come in and have a chat with me to find out more about how I can help you to overcome your problem with low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, lack of self-confidence or low mood. Give me a call on 07946 641270 or 0800 970 4776 and we can arrange an appointment for you to come along at a time convenient to you.

Laura Walters

DCH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Hello, my name is Laura and I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist. I trained at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (ICH) where I learnt a variety of methods to assist with a range of issues from pain management to sleep disorders to stress and confidence building.

I first encountered hypnotherapy when I consulted a hypnotherapist for issues of confidence myself.  After my first session, I knew that this is what I wanted to become involved in. Hypnotherapy changed my life! In light of this I take a keen interest in helping clients to overcome anxiety and low confidence.  I believe everyone has the power to break down their barriers, address what is that is hindering them, and live life to the full. Hypnotherapy is a great way of achieving this.

I am passionate about helping clients with breaking bad habits, overcoming panic attacks, dealing with depression and building confidence and I look forward to helping you to reach your goals whatever they may be.

The most rewarding part of being a therapist is seeing the positive changes in my clients.  From those who have overcome social anxiety to those who have stopped a habit they have had for 30 years, it is amazing what hypnotherapy can do.

I feel privileged to be able to work with the team Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whitely, Fareham, and since joining them have trained with Sue and James in their unique and very successful weight loss and Virtual Gastric Band surgery programmes. It is a joy to see my clients consistently losing weight, week by week.  With Sue and James weight loss programmes I have helped my clients not only to become slimmer and fitter but quite a large number of them are now telling me that their GPs are reducing their medication for symptoms such as diabetes and blood pressure as my clients no longer need these medicines.

I would be delighted to help you discover how hypnotherapy can help you make the changes that you want to make in order to live your life to the full.  I offer a free initial consultation so you’ve got nothing to lose. Come along and find out how I can help you. For your free initial consultation appointment, please call me on 0800 970 4776 or e-mail me at info@hantshypno.co.uk.

I look forward to working with you.

Debbie Mahon Therapist

Debbie Mahon



Debbie is a qualified Andrew Parr Licensed Hypnotherapy Practitioner, who has qualified in the Andrew Parr method with a Professional Diploma in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, as well as the NCH Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). She is also a registered member of the GHR, GHSC, NCH, and CNCH.

In addition to her experience as a professional hypnotherapist, Debbie has spent over 16 years in Higher Education as a senior lecturer and support tutor. Here, she spent a lot of time working with undergraduates and post-graduates helping them with their personal development, as well as their ongoing pastoral care. Whilst she always enjoyed teaching within her specific subject area, which is creative thinking and problem-solving and visual communication, she found that she was increasingly more drawn towards supporting, guiding and facilitating students’ personal growth and development as individuals.

This realisation, as well as her own personal experience of hypnotherapy soon, led her to realise that her mission in life had adjusted somewhat, leading her to hypnotherapy, where she strongly believes that she can facilitate and guide others of all ages to make a positive change to their lives.

Debbie is able to help people to reach their full potential in life by releasing negative beliefs that often stand in the way of success, peace, and happiness. She can work with you to help relieve a range of issues from stress, anxiety, phobias and help you to build your self-esteem and so much more.

You may just want to learn how to relax, be calm and enjoy your life more, or maybe you have reached a point in your life where you just need to find a new path. Debbie can help you with that too.

Debbie’s belief in the power of hypnotherapy is born out of her continued successes, her own experience and the fact that she believes that it is one of the most natural treatments in the world, is a collaboration between the individual and the hypnotherapist. Her role is to guide and support you to find the power within yourself to make the changes that will make your life more enriched and fulfilled.

Whatever your personal objectives or motivation may be, there are many different ways in which hypnotherapy can help you. So often, we can feel blocked, or ‘stuck’, and this prevents us from grasping opportunities and moving forward with our lives in the way that we would like to. Hypnotherapy can help you by getting to the core of your negative beliefs, releasing them and replacing them with new and more positive and productive beliefs about yourself and your world. By changing your beliefs, your behaviour will adapt and change. Other people will behave differently towards you as well.

Debbie is friendly, approachable and gentle, yet direct. She has a knack for getting to the root of your issue, but at your pace and in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Everyone is an individual, and each session will be completely handcrafted and tailored to meet your needs and personality.

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