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Effective help for gambling, porn, alcohol, drug and internet addictions using hypnotherapy, hypnosis and counselling in Fareham, Southampton Portsmouth & Winchester.

Similar urges are responsible for addictions. Whatever the addiction, whether it is an addiction to alcohol, gambling, porn, drugs etc. it is often driven by an inner need that responds well to our analytical style of therapy.

Substance abuse

No one sets out to become a drug addict or alcoholic. Most substance abusers use drugs or alcohol to mask or hide from emotional or physical pain. They see it as a way to escape from their problems. However, far from making these problems go away, the substance abuse actually makes the problems worse.

Substance abuse can have a negative effect on the users mental and or physical health and often leads to premature death. The need to take drugs or consume alcohol often affects not only the drug addict or alcoholic but also their families, friends and work colleagues.

If you are finding that you need drugs or alcohol to ‘get through the day’ or to cope with stressful situations then hypnotherapy and counselling can help you. At the Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre in Fareham & Southampton, we offer confidential, caring treatment for clients with drug, alcohol and porn related issues.

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Spending addiction

You may have Spending Addiction if you buy things to make yourself feel better, to compensate for something you feel is missing in your life or to make yourself feel loved and cared for.

This addiction causes you to lose your sense of rationality when it comes to shopping and spending money on things such as entertainment, gifts and material things that are not a necessity even though it might mean going into debt you cannot afford. The immediate gratification you get from spending far outweighs the negative consequences of the addiction such as debt, guilt, shame or hiding your purchases and/or bank and credit card statements. Perhaps you lie about how much you spend to those closest to you.

If this sounds like you, then hypnotherapy and counselling can help you. Call us today for your life changing appointment in our practices in Fareham & Southampton.

Gambling addiction

The number of people with gambling addictions and debts is rising annually. Online gambling has seen a rapid rise in popularity and people who would not have gone to betting shops and casinos are now gambling on the Internet from home.

Taking a risk in anything gives us an adrenalin rush and therefore a natural high. Gambling is taking a risk with money, and the high you get is the same as any other risk in life.

Signs that you may be addicted to gambling include a feeling of euphoria when you win and a compulsion to try and win more. Depression when you lose or an inability to stop gambling when you can no longer afford to lose. Perhaps turning to crime to fund your addiction or to pay off debts run up through gambling. Gamblers often find themselves on a path to destruction, unable to control their addiction even though they risk losing everything including family, friends, their homes and jobs.

The most important thing is to recognise that you have a problem and then seek help as soon as possible.

Porn Addiction

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If you are finding that your gambling is having a negative effect on your life then hypnotherapy and counselling can help you. At the Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre LTD in Fareham & Southampton, we offer confidential, caring treatment for clients with gambling-related problems. Click here to find out more about Obsessions and Compulsions

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