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Help to overcome your fear of being sick, also fear of gagging and choking using hypnotherapy, hypnosis & Counselling in Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth & Winchester

Do You Need Help with Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is the fear of being sick or vomiting. It is a phobia that affects many people’s lives. At the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Fareham and Southampton we have successfully treated many cases of Emetophobia.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms usually associated with Emitophobia and fear of nausea and vomitting

  • Fear of smelling sick or seeing someone being sick.
  • Shortness of breath,  irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea,
  • Avoiding eating out in restaurants or at friends houses in case you get food poisoning.
  • Avoiding hospitals, doctors surgeries where people may have stomach bugs even though you may feel very unwell and need medical help.
  • Unable to visit friends or relatives who maybe in hospital.
  • Avoiding pregnancy just in case you get morning sickness or fear of your baby being sick
  • Overall feelings of dread in case you should feel or be sick or be in the company of someone who is vomiting
  • Do you have concerns about hygiene? You may wash your hands excessively or always feel the need to disinfect or bleach surfaces.
  • Feeling anxious when you read about sickness or see someone feeling or being sick on the television or in a film.
  • Avoiding going on holiday or drinking tap water because of a risk of getting food poisoning or stomach bugs.
  • Avoiding eating in public.
  • Panic at the first mention in the media of Norovirus or any illness that has vomitting or nausea as one of the symptoms.
Feeling Sick
What is the cause of Emetophobia?

Like all fears and phobias, Emetophobia is created by the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism. At some point in your past, there was likely an event linking vomiting or throwing up and emotional trauma. Emetophobia can have a massive impact on someone’s life. The sufferer may have to avoid restaurants, pubs, public transport and social occasions. For some the symptoms can be so severe that they cannot leave the house at all. It can also be a problem for mother’s looking after children. They can become unable to care for their children when they are sick. Hypnoanalysis can be extremely effective in removing the symptoms of Emetophobia; it can give you a new life.

Analysis changed this lady’s life. She had suffered from Emetophobia and social phobia for many years.

Some more symptoms of Emetophobia
  • A tremendous and uncontrollable fear of being sick, being sick in public or fear of watching someone else vomit or be sick.
  • Watching people closely to see if they are ill, or show any signs of illness.
  • Avoiding certain foods to the point of obsession
  • Obsessing about germs and hygiene, particularly in the kitchen but also around other people who are ill or might be.
  • Hating or even avoiding public transport in case others are sick.
  • Feeling worried about becoming pregnant because of ‘morning sickness’.
  • Hating hospitals
  • Being particular about the expiry date on food and chucking out food if it’s even close to going out of date
  • Hating feeling ‘out of control’
  • Being quite ‘obsessional’ generally in life – often emetophobics are absolutely fixated on their phobia and it dominates their thought

Dear Sabine

Sorry a little delayed, but as promised please find below a testimonial to add to the website. The move to London has gone well and I’m enjoying living with R** – adjusting to having someone else in my space and trying not to be such a control freak!!

Thank you for your help and patience with me, I remember that first session where I could hardly talk I was so worked up.

My sick phobia now no longer rules my life, and I have much more time to think about other things no I am not constantly worrying about sick. I can now hold a conversation about sick without freaking out, and am having significantly less panic attacks (down from 5/6 a day to only 1 last month!)

I found the technique really useful and still use it if I am in a situation and start to feel like I am getting anxious.

I do have a confession to make – I bought you some chocolate coated coffee beans in the hope it would convert you to liking coffee, however I may have accidentally opened them and eaten them all before I had chance to send! (very bad I know…..

Thanks again for all your help



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