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Testimonials for James, Sue and the team at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whiteley Fareham near Southampton, Hampshire

What Clients Say?

Regards N

Morning James,

Further to our recent meetings, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for your help, as promised. (Sorry it’s taken a while to do)

Prior to visiting you, we have suffered for a number of years with my son’s bedwetting problem. At it’s worst, it was every night. At best, it was a couple of times a week. We visited the doctor and whilst they provided him some medication to suppress the issue, it did not fully resolve it and he continued to experience the problem. this was obviously an upsetting situation for him and affected him deeply, as he could not attend sleepovers etc.

I was convinced that there was no medical issue so decided to pursue other options, which is when I discovered that hypnotherapy may be an answer. Initially, my son was very hesitant in taking this course of action and I had to really persuade him to attend. I too was sceptical but was willing to consider any option that could help him. I am so glad that I did chose hypnotherapy and your centre.

After our 1st meeting, what a difference!! He was so enthused about the meeting, he could not wait to come back again. He really enjoyed the whole process and found you to be very likeable and put him completely at ease from the first minute. The rapport that you built up with him in a very short space of time, I believe, was a big factor in the success he has achieved. The treatment that he received in only 2 sessions, has virtually eradicated the problem. In the 6 weeks since our last meeting, he has only had 2 incidents. That is an amazing result and am so pleased that we pursued this course of action.

He now not only seems to have more confidence in himself but seems to be a happier person because of your help. He no longer feels embarrassed or upset about the problem he experienced and I have seen him mature as a person and come out of his shell again.

The whole experience, regardless of the result, has been a complete pleasure to be a part of. However, the result that you have achieved is nothing short of amazing and would definitely recommend this course of action to anyone else suffering similar issues. I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone considering hypnotherapy as a course of action. The only problem I have now is that he wants to come back again and continue the chats, even though he has no reason to. ?

Many thanks again for all your help and should we require hypnotherapy assistance again in the future, there is only one place we will be heading – Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre.

Regards N

Client Testimonial

It is strange when I think back to the day I came across your article in the Informer magazine. I was just reading through what you said were the symptoms of Social Phobia and realised that what you were describing was me! It took all my courage to pick the phone up and call you but I’m so glad I did. I was a born worrier.

I always dwelled on everything and imagined the worst. I spent more time than I care to admit wondering “what if” and never really doing anything. When I look back now I am amazed at how much my hypnotherapy sessions with Sue have helped me. From our first meeting, you made me feel at ease and very relaxed and comfortable. She explained everything and by the end of that first meeting I knew she really cared about ME.

Sue is so easy to talk to and within minutes I felt I could trust her. These days I am so much more laid back. I have so much more confidence and I laugh – a lot! My husband and my friends have all commented on how different they think I am. Thank you.


Dear James,

Thank you for your help, guidance and training in Changing Limiting Beliefs.

The information was thorough and the examples and evidence underpinning the ‘why’ people do/think the way we do made for valuable and insightful learning. The subtle shifts in my thinking have dramatically changed my perspective and ‘put me back on track’. In addition I now have the skills to notice my thinking and quickly interrupt any negative patterns before they turn to brooding and ruminating which is what lost me my perspective before.

My self esteem is at a healthy level and my confidence and self belief are much improved as a direct result.

My impression generally of Hampshire Hypnotherapy is of a professional, polished, organised, forward thinking and up to the moment therapy centre offering the latest in Hypnosis related treatment.

My thanks again, all the best



Hello Sue,

I just wanted to to let you know that I warmly recommend Sabine to your clients. She is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. During my sessions, I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments which helped me see past issues in a new light, helping me to move on. Sabine is a lovely lady, caring and supportive and has set me on the right road to renewed self confidence and improved self-esteem.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Joanne Taylor-Horne

Thank you so much for all your help, I am truly pleased with the results. I can now confidently celebrate my 40th birthday this year without the waistline to match.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Joanne Taylor-Horne

Tony – Non–Smoker from Fareham

Since coming to see you to give up smoking I can honestly say I haven’t touched or wanted to touch a single cigarette.

Ruth G

Hi there, I am so pleased I bought this. The cost is minimal and the effect, for me, major. I no longer diet, binge, or think about food all the time. I now do what people are meant to do. Eat when hungry, stop when full. I listen to the hypnosis every night and as a bonus sleep wonderfully whereas I didn’t previously. It’s a double winner. Go for it and good luck.

Ruth G (FB)

J.F – Non–Smoker from Fareham

I will be recommending Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre to everyone. I just can’t believe how easy it was to become a non-smoker. I’d saved the money that the session cost in under a month.

Anxiety client from Portsmouth

James, when (name) first suggested I come along and see you for help with my anxiety problems I thought she was mad and didn’t know what to expect at all. From the minute I stepped into your beautiful hypnotherapy room I felt so much better. You were the first person to really listen to my problems and you have helped me overcome so many fears and problems. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you James’ – because of you I have now got a life. My only regret is that I didn’t come years ago.

Weight Loss client – Mrs MW Southampton

Sue was friendly, understanding and very professional and I felt very at ease in their comfortable, modern surroundings. She said she could help me and did my first of three sessions straight after the consultation. I remember feeling sleepier and sleepier and hearing every work she said but when she brought me back out of the session I found I couldn’t remember much at all but I certainly felt revitalized and refreshed. Over the next few weeks I noticed that I was taking my time while eating my meals (putting my knife and fork down between each mouthful). I wasn’t snacking between meals but I was really enjoying what I was eating when I felt hungry enough to eat. And what a strange sensation hunger is when you haven’t felt it in a long time of overeating!

Susan R (FB)

I just seem to look at food differently now. Don’t even have the desire for junk food.

There were so many comfort snacks I justified constantly that I just don’t think about or even want when offered!


Non-Smoker from Warsash

I stopped smoking so easily after coming to James at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre. James you’ve changed my life.. I’m so happy now… I couldn’t have done it without you.

Non-Smoker from Southampton

I’ve gone from 20 cigarettes a day to none. I’ve had virtually no withdrawal symptoms or side effects and no have no further interest in the habit.

Non-Smoker from Southampton

James it will be one year on the 31st of next month since you did the business for me TVM.

S N – Fareham

I am delighted to report that I stopped smoking on June 15th 2007, after 25 years of 15 a day, and have had no cravings or desire to restart at any time.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, I have also saved £700 so far- enough for a lovely beach holiday! Thanks guys, you do a great job. Best Wishes

Charlotte (Southampton)

I have been to Sue for hypnosis for weight loss and it really helped me re-adjust how I see food and behave around food, I no longer feel I have to eat for the sake of eating or have any guilty associations with eating types of foods, I do not crave foods that I feel are bad for me and generally will always opt or want for foods that are better for my body.

I now naturally make the right food choices that are good for me without giving it any thought, and I manage my food portions, listening to my body and know when I have had enough to eat and do not feel I have to finish what is on the plate when I full, just because its there.

Since I have had hypnosis I have fallen pregnant and was worried about cravings and putting on vast amounts of weight but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have kept within the boundaries of a healthy weight gain for my pregnancy without even trying.

I truly feel released from the burden of constant dieting and having to always watch what I eat. I now enjoy food rather than just eating for the sake of it and knowing that I will naturally make the best food choice that is right for my body, I also get to enjoy having treats without feeling guilty!

I highly recommend Hypnosis to all anyone who wants to be freed from constant bind of dieting.

MRS SJ – Blanford

My daughter came to see James as a last resort to solve a life long bed wetting problem. It was a hang over from an infant critical illness, and in the scheme of things could be described as trivial. After all she had overcome so many huge legacies of her illness this seemed insignificant. But not to her. It marked her out from her friends and was ruining her self esteem. We had tried so many other techniques, all with no success. James has transformed her life; she has seen enormous improvement. She relishes her sessions, leaving with her head held high and an enthusiasm for life which is infectious!

K from Fareham

I had suffered from depression on and off for 9 years. I had times when I experienced both inappropriate and dark thoughts alongside a general feeling of hitting rock bottom. I felt like I was going crazy and at times I had to fight thoughts of wanting to escape from it all…I liken it to a fairground ride that dipped and climbed but would never let me get off.

I had just come to the end of my second course of counselling and I felt like I still only had medication to lean on. I had heard of hypnotherapy and had briefly thought of trying it, but was too sceptical to at first. Then one day I saw an advert in The Informer. It was for Hampshire Hypnotherapy and listed how hypnotherapy could help all sorts of conditions, one of them being depression!! I looked at their website and read about Sue and James, looked at their qualifications and read how hypnotherapy can help depression and all the debilitating symptoms that go alongside it.

As the initial consultation was free of charge, I though, why not, you never know unless you try, so I picked up the phone. I was seen fairly quickly and even as I sat discussing my depression with James, I still had feeling of scepticism, apprehension, nerves, but also, a tinge of hope.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, 9 years is a lot of bottled up emotion and I spent a lot of that time unsuccessfully trying to work out why this had happened to me and what it all meant. James reassured me that I could get better if I stuck with it and worked with him. I did just that and a lot of resistance, a range of emotions and a number of sessions later, I found myself sat in the chair after my penultimate session, heaving a tearful sigh of relief. There it was, the reason for all my emotions. The answer I’d been looking for, it all tied in, it all made sense and now I could deal with it logically and start getting better.

You can too, you can’t put a price on getting your life back, it’s worth every penny, don’t give up give it a go…

L I – Southampton

Hi James,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. Before i came to see you i was feeling very depressed and i was going into further depression because i was bringing myself down with negative thoughts and problems at school. the sessions i had with you made me feel better about myself and gradually made me realise that it wasn’t as bad as i thought. Now I am noticing my negative thoughts and am dismissing them and changing them into positive thoughts. I now feel great and feel like i can achieve all my goals and handle any of life’s problems.

Thanks again,

ps: My mum says hello and sends you lots of positive thoughts.

T – London

Hello James,

Sorry to contact you through this address but it is the one I found on the website. Hopefully you remember me…..

Well I wanted to write to let you know that I finally made it into the sea! the one thing I mainly learned is that seawater tastes disgusting!!

I hope all is well,
Best wishes,
T – London

R – Southampton

Hi James,
I’ve got good news for you, since I walked out I haven’t smoked cannabis and I found it very easy. I feel great and my life is going better day by day. I have plenty of energy to deal with any problems, got new friends and success is waiting behind every corner. I would like to thank you for your great job and will recommend your services to anybody with smoking problems because I’m the proof it works.

So once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Best Regards,
R – Southampton

MD – Southampton

This is just to drop a line to say thank you for the advice and guidance that I have received from yourselves over the past few months. Over the past couple of weeks I have started to achieve some of the ‘to do’ list of my own goals and realised the importance of not complaining and seeing the bracelet on my arm has been a visual symbol to remind me what I should be doing to make my life happier.

In the meantime I will soon start reading a book on panic attacks to try to reduce the fears that go along with them.

On a final note can I just say what a genuinely nice bloke James comes across as, his honesty, approach and real interest come across very well.

Kind regards and thanks again

P Winchester

Hi James,

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I have been feeling great since the appointment on Wednesday. The only way I can describe it is that I feel more at peace with the world. I feel more serene generally and much less “on edge” than before.

I didn’t think my life could get any better – I was so wrong. Thank you a million times for everything you had helped me to achieve.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Charlotte Head (Southampton)

I have been to Sue for hypnosis for weight loss and it really helped me re-adjust how I see food and behave around food, I no longer feel I have to eat for the sake of eating or have any guilty associations with eating types of foods, I do not crave foods that I feel are bad for me and generally will always opt or want for foods that are better for my body.

I now naturally make the right food choices that are good for me without giving it any thought, and I manage my food portions, listening to my body and know when I have had enough to eat and do not feel I have to finish what is on the plate when I full, just because its there.

Since I have had hypnosis I have fallen pregnant and was worried about cravings and putting on vast amounts of weight but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have kept within the boundaries of a healthy weight gain for my pregnancy without even trying.

I truly feel released from the burden of constant dieting and having to always watch what I eat. I now enjoy food rather than just eating for the sake of it and knowing that I will naturally make the best food choice that is right for my body, I also get to enjoy having treats without feeling guilty!

I highly recommend Hypnosis to all anyone who wants to be freed from constant bind of dieting.

H – Southampton

Hello James, how are you? I thought I would give you an update as it’s about 6 weeks since I last saw you.

I went on holiday just after our last session, and my sleeping was very bad. But as I didn’t have to go to work I could cope with it. That went on for about 2 weeks. BUT for 1 month now, my sleeping has been the best I can remember in the last 20 years! I have had no days at all, where I have felt that I had too little sleep. A wonderful feeling indeed. I still wake up a lot, about 4 times per night but I go straight back to sleep and now get about 6.5 to 7 hours sleep every work night, which makes me feel great for the next day. I can not tell you the difference this has made to the way I feel. I am very happy.

Things are going well at work, which I know has helped re this, but I am absolutely certain that you helped me greatly too. So thank you, It was money very well spent, to come and see you, as far as I am concerned. But more so, you have really “opened up my mind”, re things like analytical hypnotherapy.

Kind Regards

H – Southampton

J – Southampton

I went to see James to boost my self esteem. I used to think that everything was in some way my fault. If something went wrong at work it had to be my fault or I had something to do with it. Maybe it was something I had said, the way I said it or I must have made the wrong look. This spilled over into my personal relationships as well. When I first went to James I was feeling rock bottom. I wanted to live my life without feeling guilty or feeling I had upset someone in some way, I wanted to be happy.

After a few sessions I thought nothing was happening I was still the same. But I was wrong. Things happened at work and for some reason or other I didn’t worry about them. I felt stronger to deal with situations. In my personal life it was the same. I felt more confident to confront things that I should have confronted years ago. Everything seemed to be more positive. I feel much better to have things out in the open and not feel guilty about them. I feel that now I have the right to say what I feel and want. You don’t think things are happening and you are changing but they are.

Going to see James has changed my life.

S – Southampton

Hi James,

It is good to hear from you, C*** is still doing remarkable well and attending school every day, she is just getting over a bad tic but thanks to the confidence you have given her she gets through the day and the most amazing thing she is going to school without any problems what a difference we have seen instead of all the tears and refusal to go to school, it has been so much easier for ourselves, we can relax now while she is at school knowing she is coping, thank you so much.

S – Southampton

RR – London

Dear James,

Trust you are well.

This is just a quick line to let you know I have had my operation and it was very successful. All the crew at Odstock hospital are magnificent and I am home now on my way to recovery.
I am a real non smoker and I am only so happy to have made the decision.

Best Regards

RR – London

A – Southampton

Dear James

I would like to thank you so much that words cannot express (neither English nor Polish) for helping me feel better with myself. One of my friends noticed even that I look different and more relaxed unlike my previous normal stressed self.

I don’t have to do the bracelet exercise as often as before and most days I don’t do it at all and it looks like I really and truly believe now that I am lovely

Best regards

very grateful A

A – Southampton


Dear Sue & James,

First of all I would just like to thanks you for changing my life with the weight loss. What you have helped me with to overcome my poor eating habits have so far resulted in 1 ½ stone loss since we first met. My eating habits have changed so much that the weight continues to come off without effort, a fact that I still find very hard to believe. I am now 3 trouser sizes down since early November. I am also feeling the warm glow of people saying that I have lost weigh, always a confidence booster. The most remarkable thing is that I have not stopped myself from having anything, I just want less.

The second point is one of assisting my through my traumatic bereavement, your session helped me a great deal and I even found myself having a laugh on the day of the funeral.

I am finally fitting into some suits that were hidden in my wardrobe and feel confident again in my job hunting.

So once again, many thanks

Kind regards



Hi James,

I just wanted to email you to thank you for helping me overcome my social anxiety through your sessions and hypno-analysis. When I first walked you’ll probably remember I was extremely tense and nervous but I soon felt at ease and looked forward to the appointments. I used to worry and over think about everything from social situations to being away and visiting somewhere new for the first time, and the anxiety would bring on strong physical affects in me.
6 months later after first coming to see you and I am now a changed man, and many people have remarked on the difference in me. Thinking back I can’t really remember how it felt to be anxious and it feels as if I’ve never had social anxiety. My relationship with my girlfriend who I met 5 months ago is going better than I ever could of imagined and I’m very optimistic about our future together. We have several trips away planned this year, my social life is busier than it’s ever been, and I’ve made new friends as well. The best part is how good I feel about myself. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to everyone!



DM – Southampton

The woman that saved my life. My second Mum. My hero.
As soon as my Mum came across a website for Hypnotherapy, she thought I may aswell give it a shot. My parents were literally doing anything at this point to get me the help and support I needed. Seeing as my Mum get’s hypnotized easily, maybe I would too? She showed my Dad but as soon as he saw the word’s ‘Weight Loss’ he said no to the idea. A few days later, my Mum came across the website again. That’s it, she thought, I’m ringing up. As well as dealing with Weight Loss consultants, Sue also deals with Weight Gain.
When my Mum told me I was going to see a Hypnotherapist, I didn’t really like the idea. What can they do? Make me magically eat a big fat burger? I was really nervous.
We walked into the grande glass building and straight away a woman in really nice heels came to greet us. I used to love heels but never wore them anymore (trackies, jumpers and plimpsoles became my daily outfit). She seems nice enough and well groomed, I thought. To my annoyance we took the lift to the first floor when I was quite capable of taking the stairs, thanks.
I took a seat in a chair, which was more like a mini sofa. I didn’t like sitting down but these were the times I had to. Sue was lovely; she explained that she wasn’t going to make me get up and run around like a dog (although at the time, I wished she would). She gave me and my Mum (so she could experience it too) a brief hypnosis where I had to lay down in the chair with headphones on and close my eyes. Calming music was playing in the background and I started to hear the soft sound of Sue’s voice. I can’t explain the sensation but it really was magical, I could feel myself drifting, like I was floating in the Sea or rocking in a hammock. The session was free of charge, I was beginning to like Sue already.

DM – Southampton


Dear Sue

After years of feeling frustrated with certain aspects of my life i knew deep down that something needed to be done to make me act like a normal person. Before i went to see you i used to let everything affect me, to the point that i would feel very stressed and unable to see things clearly. I used to take out my frustration on others and would blame all those close to me if things didn’t go right (my way)! The anger and envy i felt towards things and people became an every day occurrence that consumed my life and drained all my energy, I let it affect my relationship with my husband, family, friends and my children.

A typical episode was to automatically shut down, blame everyone, blame myself and would even bring up everything that had gone wrong in the past (even if not relevant at that present moment). I would hang on to all those negative thoughts and would play them round and round in my head until i would loose all sense of clarity and i would quickly turn all that anger into self pity. It would sometimes take me hours or even days before i would allow things to return to some normality of everyday life and even then it wouldn’t last long before i would find something else to dwell on. The last straw was when i suffered a panic attack that my husband decided to take control and booked me an appointment to see you. By this point i too was tired and drained of feeling out of control.

I reluctantly went to see you, and most probably ended up being the best choice of my life. My whole experience of hypnotherapy was very pleasant, calming, relaxing and a real eye opener. My journey with you has taught me a lot about myself, why i would act a certain way and why i felt soo out of control. Only by going through this journey and putting into place the techniques you’ve shown me, that i am now able to feel like a new person. I am very in control of my emotions, i have managed to leave the past in the past and feel stress free. I now have the power to choose whether i want to be in control of certain situations or not- but for me there is no going back. I enjoy this new me and by doing hypnotherapy my relationship with those around me have changed and i very often get complimented on how calm and happy i look. I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to make that change for the better, so much so that we are now expecting our fourth baby and i have decided to give hypno birthing a try and very much look forward to the new experience.

On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to thank you for all your support and for giving us a new lease of life that is full of joy and calmness.

Yours Sincerely



Dear Jo,

I just wanted to write and thank you for taking me through a fantastic and enlightening journey of self realisation over the past ten sessions of hypnotherapy.

Your skills, knowledge, technique and infinite patience have empowered me to recognise so much more about myself and to appreciate that I am not actually depressed. I have been able to identify that I do have anxiety issues connected around my weight problem and relationship issues and so progressing onto the ‘weight loss’ programme with Sue, is the next stage in returning to the real me.

I have been able to reduce my anti depressants and hopefully soon will stop them completely. This is a huge change as I have been taking them for 15 years. So not only will I please my doctor, save the NHS vast sums of money but set me free from my self imposed labels on mental health issues.

I so look forward to becoming the fit, healthy, confident and slim individual that is inside me, one that is waiting to come out and really enjoy life. I hope that in the near future we can meet again and you can see my total success.

Many thanks



Hi James

Yes I need to write a book and I’m still gathering my thoughts as changes still keep happening in my mind. Yoga classes help me immensely. I went to India this year as it is the land of yoga I wanted to see how it looks like. The place I went to a little village in the Himalayas was extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful! The himalayan region is really magical and can itself change people’s attitude to everything. I thought about going there for a long time but only after my head was turned round and put in right place thanks to you I just planned it all and went.

Also recently I managed to persuade a friend of mine to go to hypnotherapy and it didnt take me long as she could see a tremendous difference in me and was listening to me with a kind of disbelief as she could not recognise the new me.

I don’t know what else I will do but Im sure it will be exciting

I’m eternally grateful for your help.


A x


Dear James,

I just wanted to let you know what has been happening since my hypnotherapy sessions with you.

Having come to you with a perceived ‘phobia’ of needles I was really taken aback when you suggested that I may not have a phobia of needles and that it may simply be that my dislike of needles had become attached to an event in my life.

The subsequent hypnotherapy sessions with you helped me to unlock some issues that I had always been trying to put to the back of my mind. Through each of my sessions, I was amazed at the effect that certain events had had on me and how they were still having an impact on my life many years later.

The following ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ sessions were great too. Some of these sessions, and background reading, just compounded what I knew about myself already, both good aspects and things that I wanted to change. Others encouraged me to look at myself and how I had developed a rather negative perception of myself.

Since my sessions ended, I have taken some really positive steps forward. I continue to wear my bracelet which aids me when I am having a ‘limiting belief’ to think more positively.I have been to the doctors to talk about some medical issues that I was avoiding talking about – due to my fear of needles.I have started a healthy eating diet and taken up Zumba to address my weight issue that was causing me to feel negatively about myself. I have a wonderful goal to work towards with this in mind as my sister has just got engaged and is marrying in 6 months. I am bridesmaid and want to look my best on the day!

Thank you again for all you have done!

E x


Hi Sue, Wendy & Jo

Just to give you an update – lost 3 stone and averaging 2-3 lbs/fortnight. I am feeling very happy and really enjoying my food – just rather a lot less – but no pain, anxiety or difficulty. Feeling good and the best thing is it has already helped the pain in my knees and I am much more agile and active.

Thank you all for changing my life!!!!

Wendy – I will probably be back to you for a top up in the future.



Really pleased with the results – James was a real help, and a thoroughly nice chap all round! He catered the therapy around my needs, which was a great help, and was very helpful and insightful. He really helped me improve my problems with insomnia, and provided me with an audio recording that I have used ever since. I would thoroughly recommend Hants Hypno.

All the best, and happy xmas!




Things are going really well and at times I feel so positive I could
burst. Thank you for all your help and guidance.


D from lancing west sussex

Dear James
Where to start THANK YOU really is not enough for what you have done for me and my family.

I’m 40 years old this year and two year ago I really believed my life was over. Life for me really dose begin at 40.
I won’t beat around the bush but before I meet you my life was hard work as you know my childhood was not an easy one and now a carer for 6 very sick people my life as an adlut is not easy and just over a year ago I was told I had CFS (ME) in the space of four month I became that illness could’nt think straight to get a lot of words placed in the right order took all my mental strengh and as for your stairs. I remember when we first meet i was looking for the lift and you made me do the stairs (THANK YOU).

James the words THANK YOU are not enough. you never asked for my life story but i though i had to tell you. Thank you for hearing and telling me I was strong.
James the words THANK YOU are not enough. you never asked me to run, i really thought that i would never run again. Thank you for helping me see that I could.
James the words THANK YOU are not enough. you never corrected or mocked my words that made no sence. Thank you for waiting to hear my words.

James you gave me my life back by helping me see the truth within myself. Everyday I remember the battle and everyday I know I can I will and I have. I no longer have headake I never asked you to fix the migraine I just took your advice and placed your words into my life, years I have suffered from migraines the kind of headakes that you can’t move from flashing lights burning behind the eyelids being sick i’m not talking about mild headakes im talking about life stopping migraines GONE. 23 years I had suffered with these.

I still have your gift that you gave me when it gets worn I just replace it i guess I ping it every now and then but my mind is so strong, Stronger than ever and now I can beat anything, everybody with there illness and problems no longer filling my jar and my problems are no longer there.

My doctor had refered me to the east grinstead unit for CFS/ME sufferes which my partner refused to accept which is why he hunted out the internet and found you. The doctors where so shocked at my recovery in such a short space of time that now they are reccomending you to any further patients who have CFS/ME. It just goes to show how wonderful, clever and yet how dangrous the mind can be. James THANK YOU for showing this to me.

I would just like to make this point to anyone who is reading this if you are sitting there thinking she might be one of the lucky few or thats all well and good its a bit expensive and I can’t really afford it. I personally would have paid any amount of money to be where I am now. What price do you put on your own life ??? A couple of years ago i thought my life was over I read the reviews I heard the storys and opions of others I even scouted the internet and it was all bad and yet hear I am two years on my life is back in my control I walk, run, jump and play no limits. So stop wondering and makeing excuses pick up the phone make an appiontment and get you life back.


yours sincerely

D from lancing west sussex .

Client Testimonial

Hampshire Hypnotherapy has helped me positively change all aspects of my life. Whilst I originally went just to deal with some social anxiety the methods of thought management and the advice James has provided me with have helped resolve that initial anxiety and set me up for the rest of my life. My confidence has increased, my social anxiety has dramatically decreased and my locus of control has become more internal then it ever was. I cannot recommend enough how effective and life changing the lessons James teaches are, and he’s a damn good laugh to be around as well so sessions are laid back and enjoyable.

JC Southampton

Hi James
How are you? I thought I would drop you a line, as I promised to update you of my progress.
I have still NOT smoked despite two girly weekends away in May and June. I am really proud to be able to call myself a non smoker. I have also stopped taking my meds for depression.
JC Southampton

Jeanette S (FB)

Every year at around this time I would go shopping, last minute, to try and find something ‘nice’ to wear on Christmas Day. Every year I would be depressed that I hadn’t lost the weight I promised myself I would last year, sometimes I bought something I didn’t really like because it fit ‘ok’ and sometimes I bought something that I would fit into as soon as I lost weight in January (a few of them still hang unworn in my wardrobe). Then I would spend Christmas eating everything in sight to cheer myself up. Sound familiar? NOT THIS YEAR! Now I still have around 1 stone left to lose so still have some way to go but how I feel about it has changed so much that I’m not really bothered about it. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! Thanks so much Sue Peckham and James Holmes and Merry Christmas! X

Jeanette S (FB)



Happy New Year! I hope you had a fabulous festive season with your family and friends.

Well I did it! I can’t say that I enjoyed it but I did it! I panicked twice on both flights when the seatbelt lights came on but was a lot more relaxed then normal for the rest of the flights! Needless to say NYC and Canada were well and truly worth it!

Thank you for all your help and guidance with everything.

Best wishes



Dear James

I can’t thank you enough! Thanks to your eye-opening professional guidance, I have now been a non-smoker for 6 months, but that wasn’t the only thing I got out of it: by changing my limiting beliefs, I am now living the life I really want to, having been able to relay the techniques you taught me to all aspects of my life. My self esteem is shining, I am back in life’s driving seat, and it’s all thanks to you! I didn’t know the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre at all when I found it on the internet and booked an appointment, but it was an appointment that changed my life. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do it!

Thank you!


D and I (Non Smokers)!!!

Hi James

Just wanted to let you know how well *** is doing!

It is amazing over 3 weeks now and he is not looking back – he (well we) couldn’t be more pleased!!!! He is looking and feeling so much better and his blood pressure has returned to near normal levels for the first time in I am not sure when.

Fantastic considering it was all a bit of a surprise to him and he wasn’t really planning on giving up till next year!!

So thank you so much! I am spreading the word!

With best wishes

D and I (Non Smokers)!!!


Dear Laura,

I have bitten my nails since I was 5 years old. I have tried everything I could except seeing you. You put me at ease and gave me all the information I needed. Your help has been amazing and what you have done for me has exceeded my own expectations. I am so grateful for what you did for me and every day I get to look at my hands and not feel self-conscious about them anymore

A .P


I suffer from a condition called vassodepressor syncope. This causes me to pass out due to various stimuli such as getting too hot or too cold, being too tired, pain, standing for long periods amongst other things. One of the worst things is the worry this condition brings, unfortunately getting anxious and stressing about it makes it worse and can cause me to have a full on fit. My blood pressure drops leaving my brain starved of oxygen causing me to pass out and convulse.
Over time the anxiety of this happening got way out of control and my condition and anxiety ruled every aspect of my life, culminating in a camping trip where I completely freaked out on the first night and had to head home the next morning.
I was in a total state, hardly able to leave the house or function properly. Driving was out of the question and I could not go shopping nor did I feel there was any help. The hospital are unable to deal with my condition and the doctors answer was to put me on diazapam to calm me down.
I found out about Laura and her hypnotherapy and contacted her. She came to see me soon after and took details of my situation and followed that with a hypnotherapy session. This calmed me down quite a bit in the first session.
Following this I had weekly sessions and each week I became less and less anxious. She taught me breathing and a self hypnotherapy tecnique to help myself throughout the week (which I found very relaxing and helpful) and with the weekly sessions I learned to control my anxiety and get back to living a normal life. I feel confident and calm now and in total control of my situation when out and about and I am enjoying driving again without the worry.
Laura has helped me so much and I cannot thank her enough. Her manner is gentle and unjudging and I felt very safe in her hands.
To Laura I once again say a big thank you.
With kind regards, K. M.

Client Testimonial

“Peter was understanding to the nature of my condition and provided helpful and constructive sessions to teach me the tools required to help with times of anxiety and also to help move forward independently”

Andy S

Dear Anita, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful professionalism and undoubted skill. To have an 8yr old suddenly start to wet the bed at night was a real worry for us all, especially for her. I was a sceptic but willing to try anything whilst waiting for our great health service to see her, and here we are 6 weeks before the NHS appointment can even happen and Dry. We have avoided prodding poking and drugs and the way you do things is nothing short of brilliant. It was lovely to meet you.

Andy S


Hi Sabine,The good news is; I went away and had a great holiday in Florida and I can’t thank you enough for making it possible as there was a time that I thought it an impossible task for me to get on the plane.

The airport walkthroughs we did helped immensely and I was very surprised at how calm I remained during what has previously been a very anxious time for me. Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple of occasions on the evening before and the day I arrived that I wasn’t feeling too great but other than that, I was able to enjoy my time away, which was great.




Although it’s a few weeks since we were last there, I wanted to say thanks from my whole family to Anita, for all she has done to help my son. He is now far more relaxed around food, and in general the whole thing has stopped being ‘an issue’ for all of us. Over a number of sessions, Anita helped my son to feel more positive about himself, which has had a big effect on his life overall this last few weeks.
Thanks again, Anita, you’re a star.
T (Father). Hampshire

Hanna (Southampton)


‘When I started the process of hypnotherapy for weight loss I was surprised at how easy it was. The guidelines were simple to follow and as soon as I left the first session I felt I no longer wanted to eat things that weren’t good for me. In the first week I had to think about the process a little but by week 2 it became natural and I only ate when I was hungry and only enough to fill me up. During the 5 weeks process I lost 13lbs and after this I continued to lose weight, without finding it a struggle. The weight continued to come off after I finished the sessions and since then I’ve maintained the loss. (6 months later). I have also found I sleep better and feel generally better in myself. An extremely positive experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for an effective and easy way to lose weight and keep it off. ‘ – Hanna (Southampton)

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