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What Happens When You have An Asthma Attack

The symptoms of asthma can range from mild, slight shortness of breath through to severe difficulty in breathing. When your symptoms are severe you must always seek immediate medical advice.

During an asthma attack you may experience any or all of the following

  • Very rapid shallow breathing
  • An uncontrollable cough
  • Tightness or pressure in your chest
  • Wheezing
  • Feelings of Anxiety or Panic
  • Difficulty in breathing

During an asthma attack the muscles around your airways may tighten and/or become inflamed.  Your asthma attacks may happen every day or only occasionally and not everyone experiences asthma in the same way.  Your symptoms can also vary so your asthma attack may not be the same in symptoms or severity each time.

If you suffer from asthma you should always consult your GP or medical adviser before starting any hypnosis or hypnotherapy to help with your asthma symptoms.

How Hypnosis Helps Asthma

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are extremely effective in helping you to reduce stress which is known to be a common trigger for many asthma sufferers.  Your mind is incredibly powerful and there are many hypnosis techniques to help you to control, reduce and even overcome some of the unpleasant symptoms of asthma.

Hypnotherapy can help to improve your immune system and reduce negative emotions such as stress, depression, anxiety and panic which can all contribute to worsening your asthma attacks.  Your hypnotherapist will help you to manage your asthma symptoms and reduce your breathing problems.

There have been numerous studies into the benefits of hypnotherapy as a treatment for easing the symptoms of asthma including –

‘Maher-Loughnan (1970) asthmatic subjects were randomly assigned to either Hypnosis or relaxation therapy. The results showed both treatment modalities of benefit to the patients, but the improvement in the Hypnotherapy group was significantly greater. There was a peak of improvement between the seventh and twelfth weeks of treatment. In addition, only the Hypnotic subjects showed improvement in physiologic measures of respiration (forced expiratory volume).’

Free Initial Consultation

Everyone who suffers from asthma will have different symptoms and their triggers will be different too.  Before deciding on a course of hypnotherapy to help with your asthma we invite all clients to come in for a free, without obligation, consultation with one of our team of professional hypnotherapists who specialises in helping clients with asthma.

During your free initial consultation, your therapist will go into all of your background and history and will also answer all of the questions you may have about your therapy.  You will then decide together on the best way forward for you and create a treatment plan together.

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