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Hypnotherapy & Counselling for Depression, low mood and Feelings of Hopelessness in Fareham & Southampton

Depression is a debilitating illness which can not only affect the person suffering but those around them, family, friends, work colleagues etc. More women tend to suffer from depression than men and are often more willing to admit their depression and therefore seek help. Often men do not recognise the symptoms of depression in themselves.

The good news is that symptoms can be effectively treated using hypnosis, hypnotherapy & Counselling. The sufferer can also benefit from some Counselling to overcome the symptoms and to challenge their belief system. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are extremely effective in helping people suffering from depression and depressive illness to improve how they feel and to lift themselves from the sense of hopelessness and sadness that depression can bring.

There are many different types of depression and depressive illness. The symptoms vary greatly from one individual to another but some common symptoms are:

  • Significant, unexplained weight loss or weight gain Increased sleep, inability to go to sleep, disturbed sleep. Lethargy, feeling tired all the time, loss of energy. Reduction in concentration levels. Memory loss. Increased pessimistic thoughts. Feeling worthless, ashamed, guilty or low self-esteem. Feeling restless. Suicidal thoughts. Consistent feelings of sadness, loneliness or tension.
  • Feelings of desperation and hopelessness

For help with depression in Fareham, Southampton and Portsmouth call the Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre NOW on 0800 9704776 for a free initial consultation with one of our team of professional therapists and counsellors.

Hypnotherapy for depression – The following is a testimonial received from a client suffering from depression.



For more help and information regarding counselling for Depression & low mood, visit our dedicated Counselling website here.

I had suffered from depression on and off for 9 years. I had times when I experienced both inappropriate and dark thoughts alongside a general feeling of hitting rock bottom. I felt like I was going crazy and at times I had to fight thoughts of wanting to escape from it all…I liken it to a fairground ride that dipped and climbed but would never let me get off.

I had just come to the end of my second course of counselling and I felt like I still only had medication to lean on. I had heard of hypnotherapy and had briefly thought of trying it, but was too sceptical to at first. Then one day I saw an advert in The Informer. It was for Hampshire Hypnotherapy and listed how hypnotherapy could help all sorts of conditions, one of them being depression!! I looked at their website and read about Sue and James, looked at their qualifications and read how hypnotherapy can help depression and all the debilitating symptoms that go alongside it.

As the initial consultation was free of charge, I though, why not, you never know unless you try, so I picked up the phone. I was seen fairly quickly and even as I sat discussing my depression with James, I still had feeling of scepticism, apprehension, nerves, but also, a tinge of hope.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, 9 years is a lot of bottled up emotion and I spent a lot of that time unsuccessfully trying to work out why this had happened to me and what it all meant. James reassured me that I could get better if I stuck with it and worked with him. I did just that and a lot of resistance, a range of emotions and a number of sessions later, I found myself sat in the chair after my penultimate session, heaving a tearful sigh of relief. There it was, the reason for all my emotions. The answer I’d been looking for, it all tied in, it all made sense and now I could deal with it logically and start getting better.

You can too, you can’t put a price on getting your life back, it’s worth every penny, don’t give up give it a go…

K from Fareham

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