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Help for Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) using Hypnotherapy & counselling in Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth & Winchester.

This is when you display excessive worry and anxiety in relation to your health. When you have this condition you may find that the smallest thing within the body can cause you to worry or fret that you are ill or have the symptoms of a serious illness. Health worries are something that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives, whether it regards ourselves or those closest to use. Hypochondria takes this worry to the next level where this begins to affect our daily lives and causes much distress and anxiety.


There are generally 2 types of hypochondriac:

  1. where the individual is constantly seeking information or reassurance from the internet, their doctor or other sources,
  2. avoidance behaviour – where trips to the doctor an other activity are avoided due to a worry about health.

The first can lead to a cycle of behaviour where constant reassurance is sought and this constant worry and need for information leads to anxiety and can lead to panic attacks and depression.  This in turn stresses the body which then heightens the problem and the worry and anxiety can increase.

The second as listed above can lead to avoidance of situations such as playing sports. Avoidance of visiting the doctor when needed can make the situation worse if genuine medical help is required.

hypochondria help in Fareham & Southampton
You may be a hypochondriac if you can relate to some of the following:
  • Are you constantly in a hypervigilant state continually checking yourself for signs and symptoms of illness?
  • Do you visit the doctors on a regular basis and despite reassurance from the doctor you worry that you may be ill?
  • Are you preoccupied with having a serious illness and this preoccupation has lasted for more than 6 months and impacts on any all areas of your life?
  • Do you avoid visiting the doctors as you are preoccupied and worried about your state of health?
  • Do you avoid activities that may result in you becoming ill because you are preoccupied with your state of health?

The underlining factor is a preoccupation with your state of health which then impacts on your life.

If these situations seem familiar to you it is time to let the fully trained therapists at The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, Fareham help. We also cover Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth.

Causes of Hypochondria

There can be a number of reasons why the state of our health may become a concern for us.  This can stem from childhood.  Perhaps there was a parent or someone who used to look after you who was constantly concerned about your health.  This focussed attention to this area of your life could cause you to become concerned yourself with your own state of health. You are more likely to be a hypochondriac if your parents or primary care givers were prone to worrying about health.  You could have also been seriously ill as a child and this experience of illness at a young age causes you to be more concerned about your health as an adult. There may be a lack of understanding of your bodily functions or symptoms of illnesses.  This could lead you to worry and become preoccupied with worrying about every little thing to do with your health.  There could also be other reasons why you think in this way, the following can also contribute to you being a hypochondriac:

  • personality type- if you generally worry about things you may be more prone to being a hypochondriac
  • there may have been a significant death in the family from a serious illness which has caused you to become preoccupied with your own health
  • stress – this may cause you to worry about things that you would not be concerned about generally
How can Hypnosis help?

Hypochondria can be caused by an overactive imagination; the sufferer may imagine the smallest thing escalating in to a serious illness. Hypnosis can help to make your mind work you in a more realistic way, calm and rational way. Also, worries and stress can be managed with hypnosis, with techniques to help you to relax.

Those catastrophic thoughts can be eradicated with the use of hypnosis and replaced with more helpful, rational, positive thoughts which in turn will reduce the anxiety of the sufferer.

In essence hypnosis will help you to be free of this extreme preoccupation with your health. By interrupting these patterns of behaviour hypnosis can help you to free of this way of thinking and behaving.

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For more help and information regarding counselling for hypochondria, visit our dedicated Counselling website here.

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