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Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ) using hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth &  Winchester.

ME and Post Viral Fatigue

The number of people with the symptoms of Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is increasing. At present there is little that the medical profession can offer to help with the debilitating symptoms of M.E. and Post Viral Fatigue and the cause is unknown. Sometimes a person can suffer from M.E and Post Viral Fatigue for anything up tot ten years. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre is extremely effective in helping to treat both the emotional and physical difficulties of M.E. and Post Viral Fatigue.

Some of the symptoms of M.E and Post Viral Fatigue are muscle fatigue and being unable to concentrate for any long periods of time. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help the person suffering with the condition to deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of their condition. Aching joints, pain, disturbed sleep, excessive tiredness, inability to concentrate and feelings of exhaustion are all symptoms of M.E. and Post Viral Fatigue.


Although the cause is unknown it is thought probable that M.E and Post Viral Fatigue can develop following an infection or may be triggered by an emotional upset. Often the sufferer develops flu-like symptoms in the first instance and then the symptoms of M.E and Post Viral Fatigue worsen. The symptoms often get worse as the result of stress.

People with M.E and Post Viral Fatigue can find themselves to tired to work or even leave the house in some cases. The physical pain can also be extremely severe and they may begin to have memory loss, which can effect their every day lives making it difficult for them to understand verbal instructions or co-ordinate their limbs. Many become exhausted by even the simplest of activities. Night Sweats or severe shivering are common for many as are problems with balance.

If you recognise any or all of these symptoms in yourself then hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis (hypnosis) can help you. At the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Fareham, Southampton and Winchester we offer confidential, caring treatment for clients with M.E and Post Viral Fatigue.

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