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Help to stop nail biting & nail chewing using hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth&  Winchester

Nail biting is often considered, by those people who are happy without the sometimes-intense compulsion to bite their nails, to be a habit, which is easily stopped!

The truth of the matter is that with the aid of Suggestion Therapy, it is. That’s right it really is EASY! What you thought would be difficult and what you have obviously found to be difficult is in fact, very easy when using Hypnotherapy.

Using Suggestion Therapy stopping nail biting is incredibly easy. Biting your nails is an orally compulsive habit, and is usually carried out at times of anxiety or stress. Smokers are particularly prone to nail-biting. The therapy given for nail biting is purely suggestion based – positive suggestions are given to your subconscious mind to allow a reprogramming of your actions, stopping you bite your nails once and for all.

We also use visualisation during the session, so I will be getting you to imagine yourself having wonderful, healthy nails to be proud of! We will at the end of the session teach you self-hypnosis, which is easy to learn and a fantastic tool to be able to use at any time of the day or night, whenever you need to switch off and relax deeply! An instruction sheet is yours to take away so that you can practice. The whole process is completely painless and effortless, and amazingly relaxing!

Hypnotherapy to Stop Nail Biting works with the unconscious part of your mind to help change this habit so you can soon have healthy and well-shaped nails. Call us today on 0800 970 4776 as let us help you change the unconscious compulsion to bite your nails forever!


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