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Social anxiety hypnotherapy

Fast and effective help for the effects of social anxiety and social phobia using hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Fareham, Southampton Portsmouth, Winchester and Chichester areas

Social Phobia, social anxiety, fear of social occasions can all cause misery for the sufferer. Scopophobia, to give it it’s technical name, results in the sufferer having fears of rejection or of being judged and can often result in severe symptoms of embarrassment or feelings of humiliation.

A recent report in the U.S. concluded that up to 13% of the adult population suffer from social anxiety.The D.S.M. IV (the mental health ‘bible’) lists social anxiety as: “A marked and persistent fear of one or more social or performance situations in which the person is exposed to unfamiliar people or to possible scrutiny by others. The individual fears that he/she will act in a way that will be humiliating or embarrassing”. What does it feel like?


For the social phobic, enjoyable (for the rest of us) situations such as dinner parties, shopping, meeting people or eating out can become a real nightmare. Symptoms often include intense feelings of a fear of rejection, panic attacks, feelings of inferiority and worrying about how others ‘see’ you. Blushing, feeling ‘silly’, lack of confidence, stuttering or lack of eye contact are also common in social anxiety.

People suffering from social anxiety often find it difficult to make phone calls or they worry for days about a forthcoming event, even an occasion that should be enjoyable. There is often a persistent fear of meeting people, and social phobic’s usually let others dominate conversations so that their thoughts or opinions are not ridiculed. Physical sensations can include heart pounding, hot flushes, numbness or sweating, feeling dizzy, light headed, or out of control. As with all phobias or anxiety any current stress will increase those feelings and symptoms.

How do I get rid of my social phobia?

Social phobia always starts in childhood and can often get worse as the sufferer gets older.
Analytical therapy (hypnoanalysis) is extremely effective at finding the cause of the problem. Using hypnosis and hypnoanalysis we can find the unconscious cause(s) of all this anxiety and release any negative bottled-up emotions…and when the emotions are released, the symptoms dissolve…the result of which is a happier, much more confident and outgoing person.

So if you want to be happier, much more confident and live your life to the full then call us today at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre where James and Sue are helping people just like you every day in Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth Chichester, Warsash, Eastleigh and Bishops Waltham.
You can be free from the symptoms of Social Anxiety for good, simply and easily with hypnosis and hypnotherapy at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre. We have the experience and expertise to help you recover from the symptoms of Social Anxiety that have prevented you from living your life to the full…until now!

Social Anxiety is, according to American research, the third most common psychological disorder after depression and alcoholism. Yet most Social Anxiety sufferers are often unable to talk about their symptoms or find it difficult to find help.

James Holmes and Sue Peckham at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre are full-time, certified, professional hypnotherapists who specialise in helping the sufferers of Social Anxiety.

At Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, you can be sure you will receive the very best therapy from trusted, professional hypnotherapists with thousands of hour’s experience.

Just imagine how good you will feel when you no longer fear having to go to meetings or parties. You will no longer worry about criticism or being judged by other people and everyday experiences such as working, shopping or speaking on the telephone will be a pleasure for you.

Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis with James or Sue will resolve your feelings of insecurity and dread in social situations and the physical symptoms of Social Anxiety such as blushing, sweating, trembling and nausea will be a thing of the past for you.

If you want to be able to speak in public without fear, make presentations with confidence and look forward to a life free from Social Anxiety then call us today on 0800 970 477 or e-mail us at info@hantshypno.co.uk and make an appointment to come in and see us for a free initial consultation.

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