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Help with Sweating using hypnosis & hypnotherapy in Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth & Winchester

When does sweating become a problem?

Sweating is a normal function of the body and allows our bodies t cool down. Sweating can become a problem when this turns in to excess sweating and the body is perspiring more than normal. Certain activities or changes in the temperature can cause our bodies to sweat more.

Sweating becomes an issue for some people when their bodies perspire more than normal or in situations where this wouldn’t normally happen. A normal amount varies from person to person however, if you have become worried about the amount that you sweat or you feel embarrassed about your sweating then it may be time for you to seek help.


We usually perspire under our arms but other areas can include our hands or face. If we sweat excessively in these areas, then this can lead to us avoiding situations such as holding hands with other people or we may avoid social situations on hot days to avoid embarrassment. If you can familiarise with these then you may wish to do something about this so that you can live your life the way you want to without worrying about sweating.

The viscous cycle of worry and its effect on sweating

For those who do suffer from excessive sweating then this can lead us in to a cycle of worry and anxiety.

  1. This starts with worrying about excessively sweating in certain situations.
  2. The worry makes our bodies anxious and stressed and causes us to be tense.
  3. The trigger situation occurs and the excessive sweating starts. The sufferer begins to feel self-conscious about others noticing the sweating and may begin to feel embarrassed.
  4. This causes the sufferer to be more anxious and can lead to avoidance of situations especially in particular climates.
  5. When faced with the same situation again, our bodies can become conditioned to sweat excessively which then makes the issue worse and leads to more anxiety.
  6. The cycle starts again.
Effects of excessive sweating include:
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Avoidance of opportunities
  • Embarrassment
  • Conditioning can happen- this similar to Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the sound of a bell, our bodies can become conditioned also in relation to sweating. If you begin to sweat excessively and feel anxious at a business meeting, further business meetings could also trigger the same response- excessive sweating and anxiety. Our bodies then begin to be programmed to behave in this way in these situations.

If you would like to do something about your excessive sweating, then hypnotherapy can help.  We pride ourselves here at The Hypnotherapy Centre, Fareham in helping you to escape this cycle of worry and be free of excessive sweating for good. We cover Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth.

How can hypnotherapy help with excessive sweating?

The process of sweating is run by the sympathetic nervous system as a way of cooling the body down. The sympathetic nervous system is controlled by the unconscious mind which runs all the processes we don’t think about consciously. Excessive sweating happens when too many signals are sent from the unconscious mind to the sweat glands, this can occur as a response to a situation where we feel anxious. In hypnosis, the unconscious mind can be accessed and suggestions given can get straight through to this part of the mind where they can take immediate and permanent effect.

Hypnotherapy can also help you to manage the anxiety and worry that this condition can cause so that you no longer have to avoid situations where you would have previously experienced this issue. Hypnotherapy can enable you to have more control over your natural responses. You will feel more calm, relaxed and in control and able to tackle situations with ease after hypnotherapy.

You will become more skilled at how you react and you can break out of your cycle of worry and be free to live your life exactly how you wish to. Hypnotherapy can help you to deal better with those situations that may have formed a trigger for your excessive sweating so that these no longer bother you in the same way again.

At Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre we really do understand and we’re here to help you. The first step is to admit that your Sweating is causing you problems in your life and then just pick up the phone and call us on 0800 970 4776 or 07946 641270 and have a quick chat with one of our friendly team of professional hypnotherapists. You can then book an appointment to pop in for a free initial consultation and we can explain the therapy to you and you can ask any questions you may have.

We’re open from 9am until 8.30 pm every weekday and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. We can even arrange Sunday appointments if that suits you better. You don’t have to suffer the problems you have with your Sweating. Let us help you to gain control of your Sweating and live your life in a much calmer, more relaxed way.

For help with controlling Sweating call us today. We’re really easy to find in Whiteley, Fareham and not far from Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester with easy access from the M27. Alternatively we have our Twickenham practice with easy access from the M3.

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