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Help with tics stammering and stuttering using hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Fareham and Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester

Tics can cause real difficulty in every day life for the person experiencing them and could be physically harmful in some circumstances. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below then James and Sue at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre can help you.

  • Eye blinking or eye jerking,
  • Wrinkling the nose,
  • Tongue movements, including sticking out the tongue,
  • Head twitches or head jerks,
  • Shrugging the shoulders
  • Facial grimacing,
  • Smoothing clothing,
  • Lip-biting,
  • Head-banging,
  • Touching people or things, and
  • Obscene gestures or movements.
  • Coughing
  • Grunting,
  • Sniffing, snorting,
  • Throat clearing

Tics may interfere with normal speech or occur at the beginning of a sentence, such as a stutter or a stammer.

The symptoms often get worse when the person becomes stressed, tired or excited, or when they become self-conscious about their tic being noticed.

If you recognise any or all of these symptoms in yourself then hypnotherapy can help you. We offer confidential, caring treatment for clients with tics or stuttering and stammering.

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For more help and information regarding counselling to help with tics and stuttering and for confidence and self-esteem issues, visit our dedicated Counselling website here.

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