Gastric band hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – effective weight loss using the hypno gastric band

Wouldn’t you like to have all the benefits of Gastric Band Surgery with none of the risks?

Virtual Gastric Band Surgery with Hypnosis is a proven pain free alternative!

Fern Brittan is currently appearing on the BBC 1 programme, Strictly Come Dancing. She looks amazing! She is half the woman she was and bouncing with health after losing an amazing amount of weight. How did she do it? Well she had gastric band surgery. The results for her have been fantastic but there can be real dangers involved in this type of surgery. The risks increase if you are overweight so often real surgery is not an option for many obese people.

It may be difficult to even get onto the NHS waiting list for a gastric band to be fitted surgically because there are a lot of conditions that must be met before you would even be considered as a suitable candidate for this operation. Patients need a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 40 or a BMI of between 30-40 and have a health condition such as Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease before they are put on the waiting list. Can you afford to wait until you are that over weight or unwell? Even if you do qualify you could be refused gastric band surgery if your GP or surgeon feels that you would not do well after the operation as there is a real life style change you need to follow and not everyone can cope with it.

However, thanks to pioneering work by a British couple in Spain, gastric band surgery with hypnosis is now offering a viable, safe, pain free alternative. A wonderfully relaxing hypnosis session is all that is needed to help clients feel as if they have undergone surgery. This amazing therapy is now widely available across Europe and in the UK. Following incredible results with their own unique Weight Loss Programme, weight loss experts Sue Peckham and James Holmes have now created their hugely successful ‘Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis Programme and this life changing therapy is available at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in Whiteley, Hampshire!

Dramatic Weight Loss using Virtual Gastric Surgery band hypnotherapy

Following your course of ‘Virtual Gastric Band Surgery hypnosis’ you will lose your unwanted weight steadily and safely. Your expected weight loss will average between 1 to 3 pounds per week. It is widely felt among weight loss experts that 1 to 3 lbs per week is a healthy rate of weight loss and is sustainable in the long term. When we lose to much weight too quickly most people find that they put the weight straight back on after they have reached their target weight following diet.

With the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre ‘Virtual Gastric Band Surgery’ Programme you will lose weight at the correct rate for your body and change your view of food. You’ll find it easy to work out what’s a physical hunger and what’s and emotional hunger. Virtual Gastric Band Surgery hypnotherapy can help you achieve your weight loss goal without using unpleasant diets. Our gastric band hypnosis will retrain your thinking and help you to stop overeating or using food as a ‘reward’.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Gastric Band Surgery?

There are many benefits of gastric band surgery. Published research suggests that a better sex life is just one of the benefits of losing weight. Many people who have lost weight report improved self-confidence, better health increased flexibility and mobility and a more positive outlook on life in general. No wonder then that Virtual Gastric Band Surgery with hypnosis is becoming more popular and demand at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre for this life changing therapy is increasing. You do not need to go ‘under the knife’ to have a gastric band fitted. Now you can have a Virtual Gastric Band Surgery with all its benefits even over real surgery and achieve the same results!

How Much Does Virtual Gastric Band Surgery hypnotherapy cost?

If you do not have your gastric band operation on the NHS you can have the surgery privately. The cost varies from one private hospital to another but can be anything fro £6000 To £12000! The initial consultation for our Virtual Gastric Band Surgery programme is completely Free. The fee for the 6 session Virtual Gastric Band Surgery programme is only £675!

How To Choose Your Gastric Band Hypnotherapist

Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy is becoming very popular and there are some therapists who are not as well trained as you might think.  It is important to chose the best therapist for you So take care when considering your decision.  The following points will help.

  • Is the therapist in practice full-time?
  • Do they have another job because they are not very busy as a hypnotherapist?
  • Do they  practice from professional office or a spare bedroom?
  • What guarantees do they offer you?
  • Have they got professional insurance?
  • Which professional organisation do they belong to?
  • Do you trust them and feel comfortable with them?
  • Do you feel confident that this therapist has the experience to be able help you?

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Six Gastric Band Hypnosis Sessions (includes follow up appointment) – £675

Please note:

The number of sessions that each client needs may vary. Although most clients need 6 sessions to complete their Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme some clients may need more.As every client we see is different we tailor the therapy to suit your individual needs. Just call 07946 641270 or Free on 0800 970 4776 or or email us at: and we can discuss the best way forward for you.

We look forward to hearing from and to meeting you soon.
Sue, James and the Team

Sue Peckham and James Holmes and their team of professionally trained weight loss experts are specialists in Weight loss and weight control including virtual gastric band using hypnosis in Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Chichester, Portsmouth or Fareham and surrounding areas and Twickenham, Greater London.

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